99ers Take this Fight to the Streets

99ers held candlelight vigils across the nation Monday night.  No one knows how many participated as the event went unreported by the mainstream media.  The vigil appears to have had no effect.  Why?  Well I will tell you.  The international corporate mafia consists of hard core criminals.  They are not impressed by candlelight vigils.  Their modus operandi is to divide and rule by force, and until the 99ers realize that the only way to defeat force is through force, we are doomed to obscurity.

How naive it is to think that anyone who works for our enemies is going to do anything to help us.  The traitors that occupy our highest seats of power see us as no threat to their structure.  Why?  Because we do not have wealth and our numbers are too fragmented and our cause too undefined to effect change.  They own the mainstream media which is too heavily relied upon by us for communication.  These propagandists must be considered their front line troops as they have a vested interest in seeing the plans of the international corporate mafia succeed.

99ers you are allowing yourselves to be led by fools that do not understand even the most basic concepts of war.  And yes, this is a war and the futures of our grandchildren hang in the balance.  The strategy of war is not rocket science.  But when you have people more concerned with establishing personal power than winning the war, you are doomed.

Communication, mobilization, determination, and unpredictability in movement are the basic strategies of war.  Our opponents have successfully attacked and demoralized our central position.

We are of two groups.  One group has been educated and understands the full magnitude of the situation we are in.  We know that to fight is not a matter of if, but when.

The other group is still institutionalized within the system and believes that it is all just a misunderstanding and if they can show what is really going on the powers that be will take immediate action in coming to their relief.   I have news for you vigilant candle holders, our enemies know exactly what they are doing to us and are laughing at your pathetic attempts at passive repatriation.

Until all of the dispossessed understand what that word means, there is not going to be any change.  We are dispossessed.  Our personal property has been taken from us.  We are disenfranchised.  They have taken our right to engage in commerce through their credit score system.  We are civilly dead.  We have no standing in any court in the United States of the Americas and thus we have no constitutionally guaranteed rights.

We are in the same position that our forefathers were back in 1775, when the king sent his armies here to enforce his totalitarian admiralty law upon them.  Do you think we would have ever had a country of our own if their only response to this tyranny was to hold a candlelight vigil in the town square?

All those who read this article tell every 99er and poor person you come in contact with to come join the 99ers Free Coalition.  When our numbers grow to sufficient size we will implement the aforementioned strategies and take this fight to our enemies.  And when we have reestablished our Constitution we will put such restraints on our government that the international corporate mafia will not even bother approaching them.

We will not riot as rioting accomplishes nothing more than losing the moral high ground and destroying our own property.  But by God, if there are enough among us who have had a gut full of this shite we will take this fight to the streets.  God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, the Free Coalition will prevail.


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  1. Henry — You are right on the money, as usual. I can’t help but wonder what it is going to take to motivate the 99ers and future 99ers. I understand that a lot of people are afraid and that’s ok, I’m a little afraid myself. However, I am ready to do whatever it takes to change the course of this country. One would wonder if the 99ers think our government is going to come up with a plan to save this country and make everything ok. I know that we cannot change anything with our words and the government has no intention of changing anything. Why would they? We mean nothing to them. We are not even worthy of a number, as most 99ers are not being included in the percentage when they talk about the unemployed. People are living in tents, starving and freezing to death, unable to seek medical attention and committing suicide. Is this not enough? Do you need to see your immediate family members fall before you decide to join us? I will continue to post this information daily. Today you have a choice.

    I have been posting this same message for months. Please go to the website — From the Trenches World Report and go to the Organized Resistance page and under Nationwide Rally to Extend Unemployment Insurance, leave your first name, state and the address of your unemployment office so we can organize active civil disobedience. This is for the 99ers and future 99ers. By not uniting we are letting them win.

    1. till me what i need to do to be in this fight daius my family are in the streets and have no food to eat my kids are in pain

    1. No Barbara you are not. But what all 99ers have to realize is that our cause is unique in its nature which is why we cannot use conventional strategies in trying to work within the system. The fact is our government is littered with gays , thus there are people on the inside advocating their cause. Their numbers are in the tens of thousands while ours are in the millions. The bottom line is we will find no 99ers in the House or Congress, thus we are an outside issue that really does not concern them personally.

      1. Henry

        What is the answer? What can we do? Everyday someone becomes homeless or gives up. What we are doing is not working, Henry. Our numbers are not getting stronger. Could it be because of the holidays or are people so down and depressed they don’t have the strength to fight. I know there are thousands who, due to financial reasons, no longer have Internet service. We have to be a voice for them also. My prayers are with you all.

        1. Barbara you have to realize we live in a Stalinist society wherein people are literally afraid to speak out against the tyranny. People are not coming on board right now because they fear getting their name put on a list and by the time they reach the point where they don’t care if their name is on a list, like you said, they have lost their internet or are out on the streets.
          If we start making accomplishments even in small ways and they are widely publicized we will get people coming to us through the libraries and unemployment computers.
          What we need to do is target media events. When they come to town to interview gays or illegals, we burst out of the crowd and start shouting, “Stop the news blackout on the 99ers” Many news events have been disrupted to the point of stopping them using this tactic. Also we can go to the individual mainstream news headquarters and vigorously protest as in shouting obscenities at them from the streets. In short, until our numbers increase, we are going to have to wage small scale attacks with the goal of causing maximum effect.
          Best Regards

    2. Barbara-

      They had to get that out of the way so they could begin to re-introduce the ROTC into the schools. They want to militarize everything with no obstacles in their way. Just one more step towards a police state.

        1. To Barbara99er, Henry, Mark S. , and anyone interested,

          First, I hope you folks and your familys have a Very Merry Christmas the best that you can under the circumstances we all are enduring.

          Now, if you look back to early comments in the think tank you will find that I made some suggestions about us trying to organize civil rallies outside of unemployment offices nation-wide on a given day and so on. Obviously we are sharing comments about how hard it is to garner enough participation to make this a reality. I am not saying to abandon these efforts or any of the other great ideas people have, but maybe we should try and figure a way to optimize the use of the tools we have at hand. Which of course is the millions of current and soon to be 99ers. Maybe we are having trouble getting participation not so much of folks being afraid to be seen on a pickett line, but because folks do not want to step outside their comfort zones. So if we could ask for their help in a way they feel more comfortable doing, we could build our army enormously. Even though I have not been to much of a believer in phone-calling, emailing, faxing, writing letters, etc.,
          it seems as though this is the easiet and most comfortable approach to ask of our fellow unemployed. Obviously these tactics have done no good thus far, BUT, what if the wrong questions have been asked and what if all the begging has been for the wrong thing? Henry and I have briefly touched on the following idea before but maybe it needs a second visit from all concerned. Just think if all those millions of phone calls, emails, letters and faxes said “something” like the following: “please mr. congress-person or mr. news media person, since our very own country cannot help us in our desperate time of need, can you At Least provide us with the information so we can contact the Offical Goverment Leaders of our Allied Countries so we can call and write and beg Them to help us. You would think the Bastards in Washington would respond behind closed doors something like, ( “oh no, we can’t let the world see just how bad we have shit on our own people”).
          Barbara, you are excellent at your postings on other web-sites trying to recruit folks over to this one and join our efforts. Can you imagine if we created some sort of a template on how to word this and we posted it everywhere and asked all the unemployed to bombard Washington and news outlets and other websites with this in way of phone calls, emails, faxes and such. It just may indeed be effective and I bet my last dollar it would be a lot easier to recruit folks to do this since it will not take them out of their comfort zones so to speak.

          1. Mark-Tenn, You may indeed be correct in reference to a comfort zone, but the cold fact is our enemies do not give a rat’s arse what we or anybody else in the world thinks about them no more that Al Capone did. Even if others in other countries started asking why we are being treated so miserably, the issue would have to be brought to light through the mainstream media. This is not going to happen.
            The only avenue available to us right now is for the stronger among us to take on the propaganda machine. We are going to have to use tactics like those used by the Tea Party. This means disruption in the status quo using every means available to us short of rioting. The mainstream media is our enemy and at present the only one we can realistically engage.
            I believe in order to have any kind of effect we must take the fight to the enemies’ front line troops, the mainstream media.
            Best Regards

        2. Barbara,

          I sympathize with your situation, but there are more constructive ways to find employment than zoning out on prescription meds. That strategy is not going to motivate others to rally behind your cause.

          1. Matt K,
            I took Barbara’s comment about Xanax to be a joke, but even if it is not how dare you criticize? There are people blowing their brains out over this shit.
            The fact is you haven’t had one positive thing to say since you started commenting on this site which begs the question, are you even a 99er? And if not, what exactly is your agenda? I’ll let you know right now that if you are just another one of those arse holes that seem to take pleasure in the misery of others by coming on to 99er sites and harassing those who are trying to accomplish something, maybe you better find somewhere else to play.

          2. I didn’t realize it was a joke. Since you asked, I’m not a 99er. I’m more like 16er. I was unemployed briefly, but even though I found a job I’m still sympathetic to those who are out of work.

            I’ll admit that my earlier comments were pretty sarcastic. My impression of the 99ers is that they truly want to work, to return to being productive citizens. I support any endeavor that will create jobs and allow our economy to flourish once more. However, I don’t believe that there is an international corporate mafia out to steal my money, and I don’t believe that Tier V should be added on top of Tiers I-IV.

            As far as the Xanax thing goes, I have a prescription myself. (I got one after returning from a deployment to Iraq.) I try not to judge those who truly need it as I know firsthand the effects of anxiety. At the same time, publicly declaring yourself to be a pill popper can be detrimental to your recruitment efforts.

            I’m probably one of those people you consider petite bourgeoisie. I’m not wealthy, but I aspire to be financially comfortable and I don’t despise those who have more than I do. I read this website because I like to read diverse opinions, and so I don’t forget that there are those who were not as fortunate in their job search as I was.

          3. Matt K, I’m glad to hear that you are only here for the conversation. There will never be an objection to honest dissent.
            If you would like to explore the possibility of an international corporate mafia I would suggest that you log on to prisonplanet.com and download the documentaries, “The Obama Deception” and “The End Game”, which are heavily documented. You can check the documentation for yourself.
            As for Xanax, I doubt any potential employers read this site. And even if they do, do you think it is right for an employer to discriminate against someone for taking medication subscribed by a doctor?
            I do not believe in the wars in either Iraq nor Afghanistan, however I thank you for your service and I’m sure you served our country with the best intent.
            At any rate, you are welcome.

  2. Obama’s press secretary: The best thing we can do for 99ers is create jobs
    won’t be getting any help from the White House.
    That rambling response signals that the White House isn’t going to go to bat for “those guys” also known as 99ers.

    1. Stillhope-

      Gibbs is a worthless paper pusher who is told what to say. His press conferences are nothing more than a stuttering vaudeville act. I don’t think he has ever gone off script, and if he has it was while he was cowering in a closet somewhere.

  3. Mark Schumacher
    I agree with You ! That’s showing US How are our Governments treating US,,,,
    “What You can do for ME neither I can’t Do it for YOU”

  4. Henry, this is the same guy who posted a negative reply to my comment about drug testing. Part of my comment was that pot was illegal, but it’s legal to buy and consume alcohol, but you could become drunk, get in your car, and possibly kill somebody, because alcohol is more physically debilitating than pot. His negative reply was ” The last time I checked, it wasn’t legal to drive drunk and kill somebody. ” Obviously, that wasn’t what I was saying. I’m thinking ” Who the Hell is this guy ? ” Then I remembered a post you had on here about negative infiltration. I don’t know if that’s the case here, but it’s close enough for me. His slam on my post rolled off my back, but when I see poor, sweet Barbara, one of us, get slammed, by someone who has a job, is picking pepper outta nat shit, and being an asshole to a sweet lady, I get pissed. MATT, get a life, bro ! I appreciate your military service, mine was in Nam, ‘68,69, and I know that can mess your head up, but pardner, we got people on this site that are hurting big time, including me and my boy. Get on Eharmony or something, You’re negative input is not appreciated. Free speech is still our rite, so far, but go free speak somewhere else. We’ve got enough problems.

  5. Henry — I really was making a joke about the xanax. However, I do have a prescription and taking a xanax on occasion hardly earns me the title of pill popper. I think he must have a problem with it himself.

    1. Barbara, you do not owe him any apology. He is not a 99er, he is not one of us. About one more snide comment out of him and he will be nixed from the site.

  6. Barbara,

    I totally agree with Henry and Sam, you don’t owe that Matt guy no apologies nor any explanation what-so-ever. With all you have been through with your Husband’s heart attack and being unemployed and all the time you spend advocating for our cause, I am forever thankful for you and your strength and your encouragement. I Hope and Pray things will get a lot better for you Barbara and thank you for all that you do. And Henry the same to you to Buddy, I truely appreciate what you do for us and providing us a place to come to and share our troubled times together, it means more than you can imagine.

    And to Matt K or whatever your name, brother I sincerely appreciate you fighting for our country and all that, but now is not the time to Nit-Pick people that are enduring this crisis.

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