99ers Why Does is Seem HR 589 Unemployment Extension has Ceased to Exist?

The biggest problem the 99ers and those supporting the HR 589 Unemployment Extension are facing is communicating our cause to one another and the American public at large.  The issue of the long term unemployed is becoming more predominant in every discussion day by day.  But that is because it is a part of the looming crisis that is threatening to bring our country to its knees.  I have yet to see an in-depth piece that truly depicts the plight of the 99ers and this is due to the increasing censorship of the media in every quarter.

I know FOX News to be the epitome of opinion and spin but it has recently been revealed that individuals in the Obama administration have been denying FOX News access to Obama’s cabinet members, aides and advisors.

Some may remember back about five months ago there was a short piece that aired only a few times that said Obama would be enlisting help from thugs in Chicago who would be attacking his foes on the internet.  And though it has been swept under the carpet it is common knowledge that he has an internet attack squad working out of our White House.

Barry Soetoro is a Chicago gangster and now he thinks he is going to direct his strong arm tactics from the Oval Office of the people’s White House.

The recent scandal with Rupert Murdoch shows an internal conflict within the international corporate mafia.

Through the eighties and nineties the mafia, based around the world and operating in the United States, changed its tactics.  They are still the same elements of the same families, but now they have put Inc. behind their names and are sending their sons and daughters to Harvard’s Business and Law School.  Over the past twenty years they have completely infiltrated our system of government to the extent that they are now feeling comfortable in coming out and acting like real gangsters again.

The back alley street thug, Barry Soetoro, in particular, is setting the stage at the very top.  Barry brought most of his aides with him from Chicago to our White House.  I wouldn’t even call them aides for they are mafia soldiers who have no respect for our laws, let alone our rights.  As this so called campaign continues to heat up, I think we are going to see further strong arm tactics being implemented by Obama’s Chicago gangster internet strong men.

It has not been that many years ago when buildings containing news organizations were blown up and journalists murdered for daring to report on the activities of the Chicago mob.  And now the Chicago mob has moved its headquarters to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington the District of Columbia.  However these gangsters have failed to realize one thing and that is that they are treading upon the very foundations of the people’s freedoms.

In early America it is recorded history that in many instances the corporate gangsters would move into an area and start abusing the people and robbing them blind.  In some instances where the corruption had reached the point that the people could not address it through their government because their representatives had been bought off, they were forced to revert to vigilante justice.  And once the violence had reached an apex the government was left having to deal with its own as the only avenue to quieting the violence operating in the night.

This whole scenario is now reaching an apex on a national level to the point that the gangsters are no longer relying on corrupted law enforcement to strong arm the citizenry.  People like the 99ers, the long term unemployed, and more and more of the middle class are seeing this strong arm taking of their wealth for exactly what it is.  And unless there are enough left in government to clean it up among themselves it is going to fall to the vigilantes.  This is something no one wants but everyone can see coming.

If things continue as they are I have to wonder if in 2012 we will see Chicago mafia strong men fanning out across our nation and blowing up the houses and killing the families of those who dare to point out Obama’s extensive criminal activities.  If they do I think we are going to see vigilantism come to life.  And this may very well be what finally sets the militias across this country into action, as more and more Americans every day grow sick and tired of being abused and are reaching the point that they would rather fight and die, than endure one more day of living under mafia rule.

Those controlling the net had better be aware that we see them falling more and more under the influence of the mafia every day.  And in the end when we the people take this country back, all are going to be brought to account for their actions.

God bless the Republic, death to the international mafia, we shall prevail.

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    1. Here is the video.

      The ironic thing is the records that could have shown who stole the $2.3 trillion just happened to be located in that section of the Pentagon that was hit by a cruise missile disguised as a 757 airliner on 9/11. Hmmm.


  2. not one person in washington cares about us 99ers it’s all about corporations and all the money they can take from us!!!!!
    we need to have a day the 10th of every month
    the 10th every month tell everyone


    this is how we take them down when we are not spending anything

  3. Google Attacks From the Trenches World Report
    From the Trenches is being censored by Google. We were threatened with censorship last week in reference to our attacks on the government and our support of Presidential Candidate Ron Paul. The treats came out of Chicago, Illinois, where it was announced about five months back that internet thugs working for Barack Obama would be attacking his political enemies on the net, using strong arm tactics.
    From the Trenches will be contacting the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Whether the FBI will act in this matter is debatable as Obama is their boss. However we at From the Trenches will construct our own lawsuit to force Google into a federal court in an evidentiary hearing. Again, what affect this will have is unknown as our government has become corrupt throughout.
    From the Trenches is not the first news site to be attacked in such a manner. Infowars and Prison Planet, two of the largest internet news sites in the nation have been removed from Google News, supposedly because their content is opinion. If the mainstream media was examined using this same standard, it would be shown that there is only about five minutes of actual news reporting in a half hour segment. The rest is absolutely opinion and biased towards the owners of these corporate news sites.
    Google has become too big and has indeed become the government’s strong arm on the internet. Big sites like Infowars and Prison Planet can tell Google to piss off and still thrive via their momentum. Smaller sites like From the Trenches are stifled by Google’s deliberate actions. I think they are hell-bent on stopping anymore pro-patriot sites from reaching a level of prominence.
    Anyway, this is not only an attack on our online newspaper, but an attack on your right to diversified information. Google wants to control you through the information it ALLOWS you to see. As I stated earlier we will pursue every legal remedy. And goddamn Google for their treasonous actions. We shall add them to our list of international insurgents who will be punished. And for you at Google reading this, you cannot win because we will not stop and resistance is victory.
    God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia et.al., we the free thinking Americans of the American race will prevail.

  4. so thats it thats your way of not getting the trueth out there and to get people to try to take the down the way they want to take us down same on you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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