99ers Why is the Government after our Guns?

Lizzie Borden took an axe, and gave her mother forty whacks, and when she saw what she had done, she gave her father forty-one.  The following day Congress introduced legislation to ban axes.  I was hoping to refocus my attention back on the issue of 99ers and unemployment extensions but our Constitution is under attack and its defense takes precedence.

New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg says he will introduce a bill to ban high capacity gun magazines.  Of course using the tragedy in Tucson, this commie is saying that if the shooter had only had access to magazines that held ten rounds the number of people killed would have been lessoned.

Let’s take a look at this logically.  What if Jared Lee Loughner had come to the event in a Hum-V, then aimed the vehicle at the people, and floored it?  And let’s suppose the very next day a lawmaker suggested that we should outlaw Hum-Vs and allow the people to only have Honda Civics because a Honda Civic kills fewer people when a madman drives it into a crowd.  That lawmaker would be ridiculed out of Congress as his hypothesis in the vehicle causing the death rather than the driver would be seen as ridiculous, because it is ridiculous.

The fact is there are approximately 100 million Americans who have privately owned firearms.  One psycho used his firearm (no different than using a car) to commit a crime and the communists react by attempting to punish the other 999,999,999 Americans who committed no crime.  I am hearing the rhetoric again that says that assault weapons and high capacity clips are not necessary for hunting and so they should be banned.

Well all you communists out there, listen up.  My forefathers did not give me the right to own and bear arms so I could go hunting.  In fact our forefathers made it abundantly clear that our right to own and bear arms is to insure that a tyrant or a gang of tyrants cannot take over our country and subject us to tyrannical oppression.  To anyone who says we can trust our government and thus have no need for our firearms, I say, “Do us all a favor and take Lizzie Borden’s axe and hit yourself right between the eyes, as hard as you can swing it.”

Six million Jews were killed in the Holocaust after Adolf Hitler and company disarmed the German population.  Let’s see, six million Jews possessing assault rifles with one thirty round clip, that would be 180 million potentially dead Nazis.  The Holocaust would have never happened.

There are other examples in history of disarmament before genocide.  I think we could all agree that the mass murderers Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse-tung, and Pol Pot were every bit as sick in the head as Jared Loughner.  And now there are those in our government who want to go down the same road as Germany, Russia, and China in taking the firepower out of the hands of law abiding American citizens, while leaving them in the hands of a government that is making it perfectly clear through their actions that they want to exterminate about 90% of us and leave the rest under the control of an international communist dictatorship.

The heat has been turned up on the international corporate mafia.  The drive to investigate and prosecute their members that make up the Federal Reserve is intensifying.  They are becoming desperate and their desperation is showing through their efforts to disarm us and limit what we can say to one another.  We have to tell these traitors like Senator Lautenberg that if they do not approve of our Constitution then they should migrate to a country where the laws are more to their liking.  Mexico has banned all guns.  Maybe he would like to go down there.  Or maybe on the flip side the people of Chihuahua might like to have the right to own and bear an assault rifle with a thirty round clip so that they could stand a chance of surviving the machine guns being wielded by the members of the drug cartels.

We the law abiding citizens of this county have been experiencing one deprivation after another, being perpetrated upon us by those who are supposed to be serving and protecting.  To date, we have not resorted to our firearms, hell, we haven’t even rioted.  I think we had better ask ourselves the question.  Considering what they have already done to us and the fact that we have stayed at peace, what terrible things does our government have planned for us that makes them believe that they must disarm us and censor our communications between one another?

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, the free people of America will prevail.



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  1. This follows suit with ammunition manufacturing for the civilian market being on a sharp decline. Next, the type of ammunition we will be able to access will put in the spot light. Don’t be foolish, stock up now. Even better, learn how to make your own!

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