A Home So Tiny It Fits Inside a Shopping Cart

Tiny Houses

Take Part – by Andri Antoniades

Camper Kart provides enough room to sleep for one person, with a small storage area underneath.

tiny houses

The back of the cart pops off, revealing a storage area underneath.

Tiny Houses

The mesh windows can be covered with interior shades for privacy.

Tiny Houses

Inside, a camping lantern provides light.

Tiny Houses

The bed can be folded up when it’s not in use.

Tiny Houses

Unfolded, the bed provides a comfortable sleeping area for one.

Tiny Houses

When it’s concealed, Camper Kart looks like an average shopping cart that’s been filled with boxes.



9 thoughts on “A Home So Tiny It Fits Inside a Shopping Cart

  1. Would that not be cool to give to the old ladies who collect bags of string?

    A brilliant innovation indeed, there is a similar structure for motorcycle sidecars out there being a two person affair that uses the bike and sidecar for support.

  2. That is really a good idea , or so it seem`s. Are those in some store or where can a guy get one. I know some people that may really like one, in fact I`m going to send this article to him….. This isn`t much in a windy area though I bet. Yep, I like this idea. Good post there Angel 🙂

    1. Yes, not for cold climates. LOL I don’t think they’re for sale (yet), more of a DYI. The creator is Kevin Cyr (Bklyn. artist/sculptor). His Camper-Bike is cool, too. There are line drawings out there that your friends might be able to use, plus creations by others.



  3. I think it’s a sad commentary on the state of our economy when someone actually designs and markets a sleeper for those who live out of shopping carts.

    I guess they expect that we’ll all soon have relatives to guy them for when Christmas rolls around.

    I’d never sleep in one for fear that someone might roll me away when I’m snoozing.

  4. Looks top heavy and unstable as hell. Don’t put all your body weight on either end. Make sure your weight is distributed evenly.
    . . .

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