6 thoughts on “A Look At The Inventors Who Were Murdered Because They Would Revolutionize The World And Destroy Corporations

  1. Makes me wonder how great this world could be or could have been if the oil companies and elites obsessed with the depopulation agenda were not in control.

    I also remember that one guy who could build a car that used water instead of gasoline. He mysteriously ended up dead, too. It makes me realize that the lack of innovation in this world over the past two decades was and is completely deliberate. We should be so much more advanced as a civilization right now. It’s absolutely depressing. It’s like half of our life has been completely wasted.

    1. That too, all about the mammon. One way or the other karma will happen, we reap what we sow on this earth. Me personally, don’t want that evil on my back for eternity.

  2. The carburator doesn’t tell the engine what it needs.
    The engine tells the carburator what it needs.
    An engine at minimal needs the amount of fuel it was designed for.
    It ain’t logical otherwise.
    Don’t be fooled by the vapor scam 😉
    Running an engine from vapor will work, and get better mileage, but the engine will run with very very limited power, and it’ll take half an eon getting up to speed.
    Forget about the passing kick down, and have fun at rush hour.

    As far as the rest of the inventions,
    I haven’t the foggiest notion.

    1. I’m not saying that those causing the misery shouldn’t face the sh!t storm heading their way.
      What I’m saying is
      If there is not enough combustion (due to lack of fuel volume to achieve an adequate burn time) to push the piston/rod down to a proper degree, power is extremely hampered.
      Not trying to under cut anyone.
      Just trying to explain facts
      because it’s the proper thing to do.
      Good morning

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