A World of Destitution

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Some of the greatest political events in America, perhaps the world, were initiated by Christians. When Christians fled Britain to gain freedom from the dictates of the Church of England, they went to America; populating a far-off land under dangerous, even deadly circumstances. They established religious freedom and infused the New World with the concept of liberty.

Once in America, Christians developed the earliest educational and humanitarian organizations, most of which survive today, though many have shed their religious cloak and have taken up the task of destroying religious endeavor.  

Early Abolitionists were also almost exclusively Christian. Many of the great movements that brought America into enlightenment were founded by the clergy. The Boy Scouts were Christian, once.

Why is it then that Christians are absent from the great debates of today? Have they lost their voice, or have they simply been bullied from the public stage?

Great questions as to religious freedom are being answered today in a vacuum. Aside from the sole voice of Phil Robertson standing on principle, no other outcry has come from the religious community. Certain organizations have requested exemptions from the contraceptive mandate of Obamacare, but Christians as a whole have not risen up to demand respect for their First Amendment rights.

Where is the Christian zeal that has inspired so many world-changing events in the past?

A protest over a television program is not exactly founding the Abolitionist movement, is it?

It is the obligation of the American Christian to defend religious freedom. Christianity is under siege by the same forces who have come after all freedoms.

Sadly, too many of the Christians in America endorse a socialist world-view. They mistakenly believe that giving other people’s money to the poor is a Christian act. It is not. Whatever a Christian does with their money is their own business, but voting for taxes, Obamacare, welfare, etc is not the same thing as charity, it is enslavement.

America as a Christian nation did more for the poor than it will ever do as a secular nation that refutes the word of the Lord. What we do with the power of Christianity is our choice, but the loss of America as a Christian nation, a free nation, will plunge the world into destitution.


One thought on “A World of Destitution

  1. Judeo-Christians. You are talking about Judeo-Christians. There are no more true Christians. They were genocided by Judeo-Christians during the Spanish Inquisition. When you understand that everything and everyone identified as Christians today are really Judeo-Christians, the world makes a lot more sense.

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