Activists Hold Conference in Support of “Queer Animal Liberation”

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An animal liberation group called Direct Action Everywhere recently hosted an event in which a variety of presentations were given, which included titles such as “Trickle-Up Queer Animal Liberation” and “LGBTQ and Animal Liberation.

The video compilation, posted by Daylight Disinfectant, starts off with a young, uhh, supposedly female who talks about her kielbasa, and why she didn’t have any love for the sausage. “How could I justly seek my own liberation, while denying that to others?” she pondered. She later shows a picture of her girlfriend with a “cow”, which shows them “connecting” and the cow “really enjoying himself.” “My goal is total animal, queer, and trans liberation” she says at the end of her presentation.  

The next presenter talks about how animal liberation begins with your cat.

The third presenter starts off by saying “I’m going to talk about some of the ways in which the struggles for LGBTQ and animal liberation intersect with each other”, and uses a picture of primate bonobos having sex, with a baby bonobo between them. “I’m not sure if the adults are the same gender or sex, or if they are opposite sex, but like humans, they are one species that have sex for pleasure, and they form a variety of relationships with each other, both opposite sex and same sex relations, and also have multiple partners.” She goes on to talk about “human supremacy“, and ends with the statement “The LGBTQ rights and animal right movements must work together to achieve human and nonhuman equality

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Finally, we have a presentation on “respecting gender identity”, saying “Gender expression is not necessarily fixed. It can vary from day to day even hour to hour. Some people even have a different gender identity when they wake up in the morning“…”These animals cannot tell us what their gender identity is, so, unfortunately, we have to make some assumptions based on their anatomy. It’s imperfect, but I think it’s much better to call an animal she or he to respect that that animal is a person just like humans or people

“It’s a reminder that this animal is a person, and we should respect them as an individual.” They later go on to refer to a chickens and goats as persons, and they seem to be perplexed by the gender of a snail. They end by praising Sweden’s education system which teaches children at a young age to use gender neutral pronouns.

2 thoughts on “Activists Hold Conference in Support of “Queer Animal Liberation”

  1. pedos are already salivating at your idea of adult primate bonobos having sex with a baby bonobo between them. liberating sexual freedom for all? the general public will never accept beastiality but that’s just my opinion. the example you presented between adult and baby primates hurt your cause. I should know I heard it straight from a gay person. maybe it was taken out of context I don’t know but you need to change it.

  2. So its okay to act like an animal or only in the parameters that they like that the animals sometimes do? I’m all for getting rid of those that are different just like in the animal kingdom, and extreme brutality when just feeling threatened towards me or my offspring, just like in the animal kingdom. Man I hate liberals, especially the freaks that think they know better than everyone else.

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