Adelson drops tens of millions more to save the GOP Congress


Las Vegas casino mogul Sheldon Adelson is pumping tens of millions of dollars more into Republican Party coffers in an 11th-hour push to save their congressional majorities, according to two senior Republicans familiar with the donation.

The contributions were made to a pair of GOP super PACs tied to congressional Republicans, Senate Leadership Fund and Congressional Leadership Fund. They are expected to be reported in public filings with the Federal Election Commission by Oct. 15.  

The figures would almost certainly make Adelson, a close ally of President Donald Trump, the biggest GOP donor of the 2018 election cycle. Even before his most recent contributions, the 85-year-old mogul and his wife Miriam had given $25 million to the Senate super PAC and $30 million to the House super PAC.

The move comes as Democrats dominate the TV airwaves. The party has been buoyed by a turbocharged small-donor base that’s flooded House candidates with millions of dollars in contributions. On top of that, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has pledged to spend $80 million in the final weeks leading up to the midterm election, the vast majority of it to help Democrats seize control of the House.

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