AG Refused to Prosecute Elections Officials Despite Recommendation WI Sheriff

Published July 26, 2022

Wisconsin Attorney General refused to prosecute top elections officials despite his recommendation that felony charges be filed in the 2020 election, Racine County, Wisconsin, Sheriff Chris Schmaling told The New American magazine’s Alex Newman after an event at FreedomFest hosted by the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association. According to the sheriff, evidence was overwhelming that Wisconsin Election Commission refused to follow the law and ensure the integrity of the vote among elderly voters and others in assisted living facilities. At least eight other victims were identified at just one facility. Without reading the reports or looking at the evidence, the state attorney general claimed it was a “publicity stunt” and refused to act. However, the next AG may take a different approach, Sheriff Schmaling said, adding that there must be accountability for problems in the 2020 election. “This is a very bipartisan thing,” he added. “Everybody ought to be concerned, it doesn’t matter what side of the aisle you’re on.” Wisconsin must change the narrative, he said. Already, the state supreme court has ruled that the boxes were illegal. But more is needed.

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