America, Let’s Wake Up and Learn the Law

Well, here it is 4:53 a.m.  I have a 5:30 deadline to write an article for this website a friend of mine created, in the hopes to inform folks about the truth about things.  Politics, religion, world news, freedom (or the lack thereof) are some of the topics addressed.  This being really my first article for an informational website I should probably introduce myself, but its 5:23 a.m. and I’m out of time so ill get to it.

We are surrounded by negative situations that tend to overwhelm us.  In the mist of all the chaos for the moment if you can get your hands on a Warren Miller flick, plug it in and you too will see what true freedom looks like.  It will help you get into a positive mindset.  I think it’s a positive mindset that helps us combat the negative things that infect our ability to reason, to think clearly, and to be men and women.  These are the things necessary to be part of the solution not part of the problem.  

Men and women have forgotten who and what they are and being indigent their voices go unheard.  Therefore it is my intent to wake up the sleeping giant, my fellow Americans, from their deep slumber for we have been asleep at the wheel long enough.   

Thomas Jefferson said a country that is ignorant and free expects something that can never be and Abraham Lincoln said good things come to those who wait, but only what’s left over from those who hustle.

So with all that in mind I’m going to attempt to do my part and to be accountable, honest, and informative.  Though I am not an attorney I bring to the table over 25 years of education in American law and history so it will be more than opinion that I will be bringing to you.  I will be stating facts that can be supported through documentation, not hearsay supported with nothing. 

Well I can safely say I missed my first deadline and to be honest I don’t know what’s going to happen here.  If because this is my friend’s website I get a break and don’t have to wait till tomorrow before this article gets posted, or it gets edited this morning and posted today.  I guess we’ll see.

There’s a new kid on the block and his name is Carroll Mizell.  He’s a little late out the gate but he’s first at the finish line.  So to all you trees of lies and deceit, I’m here to chop you down.  Sharpen your pencils, boys, and let’s get busy fixing this broken thing.  It’s not too late to get up and step up.

4 thoughts on “America, Let’s Wake Up and Learn the Law

  1. Welcome aboard, Cal.

    To the reader: Carroll Mizel is an uncompromising patriot who has fought at my side in many a battle in defense of our Constitution. We have both had our blood spilled and been made political prisoners for challenging unconstitutional authority. Cal has served his country faithfully and if he stopped today and did not do one more thing, he would have done more than his share. Though he is not a petti-foggin-mobo-consepti (attorney) I assure you he is quite knowledgeable in Constitutional common law, which is how we are going to enforce our Constitution and reestablish our Republic.

    At any rate, welcome aboard brother and God bless.

    1. Hey Angel,

      Yeah, me too!

      BTW thanks for the road sign on that website. Wasn’t very hard figuring THAT one out eh? When I saw those numbers it was clear something just wasn’t “adding up”.

      Whatever they’re about it sho’ nuff ain’t the unemployed American and our butchered manufacturing base! LOL!

  2. Carroll Mizell will add civility to this website with future blogs. He understands the constitution has malfunctioned under the leadership of, yes, lawyers. He understands dysfunction, and there is no more dysfunctional group in America than a herd of politicians making laws that failed at law practices. On that note, I am one, so I can talk about them. Good job Cal.

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