Another American Killed by an Illegal Insurgent

Citizens in Milford, Massachusetts are calling for a crackdown on illegal immigration after an illegal from Ecuador ran down and drug to death one of their fellow citizen while driving drunk.  Apparently this illegal alien had been stopped several times previously for driving under the influence.  At a town meeting held later on that week there was a gentleman from the Ecuadorian Consul present who had come forth to justify illegal immigration from Ecuador.

The aforementioned young man was the third citizen in that community to be killed by an illegal alien.  What in the hell is going on in this country?  If this invader from Ecuador had been deported the first time he was stopped for being drunk behind the wheel, the young American would still be alive.  But then I guess American lives are inconsequential in the equation as it seems that Americans just do not count when it comes to allowing foreigners to flood over our borders and take everything we have worked for for 235 years.

Free health care, free schooling, free food, and free money.  This is not what is meant by the land of the free.

New Mexico’s Governor, Susana Martinez, says her own grandparents came to this country illegally.  She is now pushing to pass legislation in her state to stop the illegal invaders from acquiring driver licenses, which they evidently use to run down our citizens while driving drunk.  Of course she is being attacked for being a hypocrite.  And why, because she has chosen to be an American and defend our sovereignty, because she sees what is happening to our country as Mexico has moved to the United States?  How dare she be patriotic and loyal to her country and in opposition to the illegal invasion?

The socialist infiltrators would love to take down every border and put the planet into a state of world communism where we can all be worked as slaves and abused by the elitists at the top.

I am so sick of hearing the praise of Ronald Regan.  How many times have we seen the clip “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall”, the assertion being that the wall comes down and freedom gets in.  Wrong, that is not what happened.  Look at the world around you.  The wall came down and communism got out, and the only way the United States can be brought into the fold is by diluting our patriotic population with a tidal wave of submissive peasants from the third world.

We should be shouting in outrage just at the fact that an Ecuadorian Consulate thinks he can come to quiet the crowd after an incident like this without being hung on the nearest tree.   Every day the insurgents push a little more and it is past time we start pushing back.

We the people have the power to stop this insurgency.  It is now being said that it would take $60 billion to deport all the illegal aliens.  Well let’s do it.  It would be money well spent and we the people would recoup every dollar of it within a year.  First they say it is impossible, then when pushed they say it would cost $60 billion.   Well how much is it costing us to keep, educate, and feed all the refuse of the world coming into our country?

I personally have only one thing to say to the illegal aliens in our country…..Get out and stay out.

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