American People of the American Race – These are Desperate Times Prepare Yourself to take Desperate Measures

381,000 new jobless claims for this week.  Really?  Can any of you reading this remember last week when we were told there were only a measly 390,000 new jobless claims?  Well that number has been revised to 404,000.  If that number would have been reported correctly last week, the propagandists would have had to admit that during the Christmas hiring season 404,000 more people lost their jobs.

In short, the report last week of 390,000 jobs, which is an outrageous travesty in itself, was a lie just like we told you it was.  And this new number of 381,000 is another lie.  You see, the propagandists have taken to holding back the numbers from week to week in an effort to sell us on the ridiculous notion that there is some kind of recovery going on.

Listen closely.  We are in a deep depression, which is getting deeper every day.

So what have the elite accomplished through their lies?  Well I’m going to tell you like I tell you every week.  They have just gotten away with another seven days of stealing our raw resources to the tune of billions of dollars.  Everything the propagandists put forth is designed to reach this end for another week.  I truly do not believe anyone is buying in to these ongoing lies, but the sad fact is we have still not stopped the theft.

At present the propagandists are parading Jon Corzine of MF Global before the cameras for the enormous $1.2 billion he stole from the accounts of customers of that company.  And do you want to know why Corzine and this $1.2 billion are front and center?  Well there are two reasons.  Number one is to try to put forth the laughable illusion that someone in the US government is actually doing their job.  The other reason is to create a smoke screen to hide the real story that would be front and center if we had a real media.

It was revealed last week that while Henry Paulson, Timothy Geithner, and company were handing over a trillion tax payer dollars to the central banks in bailouts, the Federal Reserve printed another $7.7 trillion and funneled it to these same banks in secret.  That is $8.7 trillion, which is more than half of our national debt.

People, listen up.  There is about 9 trillion of our 30 trillion stolen dollars.  We know who took it and they know where it is.  So what do you say let’s take it back?  It was a blatant theft.  It is our right to take it back.  I say we waterboard Ben Bernanke and after he tells us where our wealth is, we prosecute him in a military tribunal at Guantanamo Bay.  Would this not be the correct procedure by the elitists’ own reckoning?

Ben Bernanke is an international economic terrorist and I’m betting that with a little enhanced interrogation we will find a direct link showing that some of our stolen money was used to finance the Al Qaeda in Libya.  Damn it, we know this is the truth.  We’ve got to put a stop to it and bring these criminals to justice.

When Ron Paul wins Iowa, we the American people of the American race will have shown our strength in unity.  This is when we let the dogs off the porch and go for the throats of our enemies.  We must redouble our efforts.  We must register as Republican so we can vote for Ron Paul in the primaries, after which we will re-register as non-partisan and Independent.

And we must continue talking trash to our enemies every inch of the way.  We must taunt and torment them, clear up to the point that we slap the handcuffs on them and throw them in the paddy wagon.  We are going to have our Republic back under our Constitution.  Our enemies cannot stop us.

May the Occupy protesters be successful on December 12th in shutting the west coast ports down, not to bolster the power of any labor union, but rather to show that we the people are going to stop the theft of our resources, one way or the other.

And don’t be surprised that if the protests are successful, we either see troops moving into our streets or an attempt at a third world war.  We are coming upon a crucial time.  We must not falter.  We must let our enemies know that any attack on any patriot will be seen as an attack on us all.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

0 thoughts on “American People of the American Race – These are Desperate Times Prepare Yourself to take Desperate Measures

  1. In 1765 Patrick Henry said: “Give me Liberty, or give me Death!”

    In 2012, we the people say “Give us back our Republic under our Constitution or die trying to stop us!”

  2. Your right Henry. They put before us in the media the Guy accused of stealing millions or a few billion.. to try to block our view of the guy who is at the same time busy stealing Trillions from us!! Most people are distracted from the real big crime this way. Diversion tactics!

  3. Then while were distracted by one injustice, or were busy sorting thru all the media lies, or for some of us just trying to get food to eat and somewhere to live.. there hitting us hard on another front. Such as taking away our right to free speech, stomping down on a protest assaulting and violating citizens, or quickly passing an unconstitutional new law in Congress so they can now treat us as a terrorist!! Thru all this, there are billions and trillions of dollars being stolen from us, which also serves to try to further enslave us and our children and our grandchildren!! Evil knows no bounds…

  4. In 1765 Patrick Henry said “Give me liberty or give me death!” In 1765 there were people in the colonies who stood up to England,at that time the most powerful nation on Earth,and proclaimed “Don’t tread on me.”Today there too many bottle sucking cowards who boldly proclaim that you can’t fight city hall.The revolution was won not by Americans alone,who were reportedly split 50/50 on the issue of sovereignty but also by France who had its own fish to fry with the Royal crown and mostly by Russia who parked its powerful fleet off our coast because the Rothschild’s were attempting to set up a central bank there.This eventually led to the slaughter of the Romanoff family through the Bolshevik revolution.Incidentally it seems to be historical fact that Leon Trotsky and Vladimir Lenin both had blood ties to guess who?The Rothschilds.

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