American Revolution Part 3 – It is Time to Pick a Side

As the United States goes to hell in a hand basket, the mainstream propagandists continue their production of Campaign 2012, starring Mitt Romney and Barack Obama with a possible co-starring role to go to Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, or Jeb Bush and Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton.  And everyone is sitting on the edge of their seats…….not.   This whole fiasco is not only nauseating but is reaching the point of being tiresome.

The American people of the American race continue to hold onto the hope that somehow, like in the movies of old, justice will prevail and Ron Paul will ride forth on a white stallion proclaiming the United States a Free Republic once again.  I personally will advocate for Dr. Paul every inch of the way to Tampa, Florida, but the fact is I harbor no delusions.

The United States has been slaughtering innocent human beings all over this planet for the past ten years to facilitate the dictates of the status quo.  This is no longer the wealth of a nation we are talking about, but indeed the wealth of a planet.

If we the American people of the American race defy the international corporate elite and take them down in our country, it will cause a domino effect that will result in the destruction of the new world order’s dream of global dominance.  They are so close yet so far away and they know in their hearts at this point that they cannot succeed.

It has always been the way of the Illuminati to accept setbacks and alter their course to bypass the new obstacles that arrive each time they experience a failure.  However this time, as this is meant to be the final takeover, there is nowhere for them to back away to.  They have completely exposed themselves and their intent.  And they know their only answer to their challenge must be their total annihilation or the total annihilation of those who would destroy them.

What this whole fight will come down to on a planetary scale is education, as the new world order strategy is dependent on compliance through ignorance.  Those who understand the end game have no doubt that this is literally a fight for our survival and that we are going to have to accomplish our victory in spite of the ignorance of some of the people among us.

Not if, but when we go to open warfare, we must deal with the ignorant as harshly as if they are the pronounced enemy, because in reality, they are.  There is no middle ground, no neutrality.  To do nothing is to assist the enemy in that they will be consuming our resources as we are fighting and dying for their freedom.

We must give the ignorant and cowardly an ultimatum.  “You are either for the Republic and the Constitution or you are with the forces of the new world order.  If you refuse to fight, you surrender your status as a US national.  And if you do manage to survive the war, you will be deported.  Sunshine patriotism is not going to be allowed this time around.”

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

8 thoughts on “American Revolution Part 3 – It is Time to Pick a Side

  1. Precisely put Henry!

    Time for those that harbor psychopathic support for Hitlary Clinton, Romney Obama their annagram being Probably a Moron are traitors. Our divine right is to be free and not to be second class citizens to the entitled ones in our own country.

    Time to state publicly that our time for liberty has come and it cannot be stopped, the enemy that divides and conquers is deep entrenched psychopathic support for the entitled ones and the choice must be made.

    The system of the entitled is usury, laws and wars and it is ending, their system just for the chosen is crashing worldwide, it is broken, bankrupt beyond repair. Truth once given as a gift it will never leave us, with truth as protection we have the freedom we need to advance.

    We are all Ron Paul, we are bigger than these thieving scum that extort our wealth through usury, laws and wars, we have our God given right to liberty with dignity and to have our freedom to produce wealth without the shadow of fearing the entitled ones.

    To hell forever with Hitlary Clinton, the murderer in chief Obama/Romney, Rand Paul and all the prostitutes of the entitled, they no longer deserve respect but contempt. The same contempt applies to their FED, TSA, DHS, UN, NATO, MONSANTO and all who kneel before the Bildeberg.

  2. The crux of the conflict is communication. There are few who if confronted by observable facts will disagree. They can’t. It is reality. Their choice is disagreeing not with the facts, but the implications of the facts and the impact on their reality. Their only choice in the face of new facts is acceptance or denial of the implications.

    The last 20 or so minutes of the “A&E 9/11 For Truth” video sums up the situation brilliantly (please watch it (2 hours, but well worth it)). If I may paraphrase.

    When people are confronted by a threatening reality they resist. They become angry because they feel vulnerable. Their paradigm has no room for the information that violates the assumptions upon which their paradigm is based. For example, the economy cannot continue to exist at current levels of deficit expenditure, it has to collapse. The implications are no money, no government, no security, no food… How many people are working to prevent such an event or to live in an extended period of elimination of current levels of social service? I posit not many.

    So when the event described occurs, millions of angry people who are in denial will hit the streets suffering from a known psychological disorder. They will have to take on board new facts that will reshape their paradigm or they will die. Is the answer at that point to point a weapon at them or to put one in their hands and expect them to fight “an unknown enemy”? No, the answer is to communicate enough truth now that leads them into a new reality, before they are confronted by a changed world that immediately incites denial and anger.

    The longer the money-junkies wait, the more time we have to educate. Don’t blame the masses, it’s the human condition to be in denial. Make a few handbills and stand outside your local convenience store or lottery sales outlet. Get creative and get the word out. Love on the customers a little. Help them understand the problems we face and the potential outcomes. It’ll be easier and cheaper than shooting them later. Besides, who knows? The world might just avoid that reality in favor of a gentler, kinder one. The change when it happens will be bottoms up, not tops down. The money junkies have the deal going their way. They aren’t going to tell the truth.

    If not them, who? If not now, when? At least replace that Hope and Change bumper sticker with one a little more realistic. Maybe one that says “Main Stream Media lies!” All politics is local. Get started today.

  3. Americans won’t fight we need to hire third worlders to fight for us just like they do. The NWO will hire Africans and world class scum like blackwater to kill American citizens when the cops refuse.

  4. @ brother David

    Appreciate that your words are meant to empathize with my words but they are apologizing for the corrupt depraved ones on the one hand and the stupidity that accepts their tyranny on the other and divided we remain as conquered.

    The corrupt system is thousands of years old in case one needs reminding that Christ only once got angry, he got mad as hell and this system cannot change unless people do the same, get upset, get mad, feel real anger, betrayed, abused, resentful and despise to the core of your being the entitled and all they stand for.

    Usury, Laws and Wars, look at these, they rob us of our wealth, liberty and life. Nobody on earth should condone them. There is nothing more important to the entitled than these three tools, they are psychopaths and they love any words that dilute the message.

    The message is our absolute God given right to liberty and it is NON negotiable to these Scum, these the entitled spawns of depravity.

    Truth is a gift to the receiver and cannot ever be compromised.

    Stick your bumper stickers. Instead get mad as hell, get even and demand your life back. It is not up to anyone else, it is up to you, it is your life and your freedom. Anybody else cares to join you then good. We are all Ron Paul, demand your liberty with dignity, never ever compromise if you want to win and we are winning let nothing ever stop this revolution.

  5. In fairness to @ brother david I took the extreme and do not apologize as if we want to win as Henry says we have to decide and once we compromise we are done.

    Bumper stickers are a free expression and a communicator.

    The internet is the key to knowledge and I would suggest that a sticker that pointed to this web site but even better still by our word of mouth or our emails and visits to chat rooms that recommend this site so that it becomes a rallying place for all that detest the depraved entitled ones. Bit like a chain letter send to twenty people and ask them to send to another twenty acquaintances. Henry is the man and we must focus as brotherdavid would want, but lets do it though this web site.

    Thank you Henry for your choice of articles and reporting from the trenches.

    1. This revolution isn’t about Ron Paul, Henry Shivley, or any other one individual. It is about the American citizens stopping the theft of our natural resources, stopping the insurgency of foreigners into our country, and stopping the International Corporate Mafia (aka the New World Order) from succeeding in turning the United States of America into a third world hell hole.

      1. Sunfire,
        You are absolutely correct. One man is easy to defeat. 100 million determined individuals, working toward a common goal, cannot be stopped.

      2. You mean like the ‘third world hellholes’ America has created around the world?
        I’ve never heard of a revolution involving a population high on anti-depressants and viagra but it should be interesting, lol.

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