Americans Unite Behind Sandy

The water has settled from Hurricane Sandy, minimum $20 billion in damages, millions without electricity, massive destruction to the infrastructure in the states affected, so let the stealing begin.  New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, is literally licking his chubby little chops as he praises Obama for signing off on expedited emergency relief, which means Contracts! Contracts! Contracts! and of course, Kickbacks! Kickbacks! Kickbacks!

On the other hand, it is being predicted that the US GDP for the quarter will be reduced to .5 %.  There is definitely a lot of work to be done which means jobs, jobs, jobs, but is this necessarily a good thing?

The traitors at the top like comparing our national economy to a household.  Okay, let’s look at our household.  Our breadwinner has lost his job.  The house is about to be foreclosed on.  The family is in debt and the little money that is being brought in cannot keep up with the interest payments.  And now the house just got washed down the river by a flood.

Now in our world, being unemployed, we would not be able to borrow the money to rebuild our house, and even if we could how would we pay it back?  I don’t think their household works like ours.

In theirs, they have someone on the other side of the country borrow the money to pay them a wage to build their own house back.  And they will call it a boom.  A million new jobs created in just one month.  $20 billion pumped into the economy.  This coupled with the fact that we are in the middle of our fall harvest and headed into the Christmas season should do the trick.

The $40 billion a month being used to buy up toxic derivatives and to hold the stock market up should complete the illusion.  The only people that will not appear to be thriving are the 100 million lazy ass unemployed who have retired on food stamps.  But we will fix them.

We will take that money and use it for an invasion into the Middle East.  This will have a two pronged effect.  All of those poor people’s children will have jobs getting blown up for Zion and their parents can either agree to work for food at their former middle class jobs, or they can starve to death and get out of our way, because we are talking progress here.

You are either for us or against us and all dissenters will be treated for what they are…terrorists.  And if they try spreading their terrorist theology over the internet, well we will shut them down.

America, America, God shed his grace on thee.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

14 thoughts on “Americans Unite Behind Sandy

  1. I”m not “uniting behind Sandy”. I’m glad NYC is buried in mud, and I hope it never recovers, because it might be what we need to get things started. I have a lot of family and friends there too. There’s no reason they can’t get their candy-asses out of the house and clean up their own city, and there’s no reason for the entire country to pay for it.
    Just like the people who get flooded for living on the banks of the Mississippi; that’s the price you occasionally have to pay for living on the coast.
    Don’t give ’em a dime. Let those rich pr#@ks from the upper east side clean up their own mud, or let ’em wallow in it.

    1. I hate to say it, but I agree with you. Now is the time for Bloomberg , and his other rich sidekick grinches to step up and show just how much he realy cares about human health and such – remember how he said how much he cared about the health of the new yorkers when he did that ban on 16 oz. sodas

      1. Money talks ,,,,,bullshiot walks . Now we’ll see how much joo-boy cares about his city . And as you people of N.Y.C. are about to find out , he won’t be donating squat .

    2. I’ve been thinking that, too. I was born in Buffalo, NY, but I have to say, who cares what happens to NYC? The elite are using NYC as a base for coordinating all of their UN policies and propaganda and Bloominidiot is the puppet. They are trying to use the 9/11 incident and police state propaganda to continue their police state measures and war in the Middle East. For the past 11 years, they have made NYC out to be the Kingdom of the country that all cities and states must follow and if you don’t then you are a terrorist. Well you know what, the last time I checked there are 49 other different states in the Union that don’t feel the need to follow some other state’s policy. So you have the highest population density in the U.S. Big deal. I don’t need to go to NYC or follow their standards to model and live my life. We are all free and independent states which means we don’t have to follow what other states do! We have our own brains and ability to think and do what we want and live how we want! That’s what makes our country great. NYC is NOT the federal government and is NOT the capital of their imaginary North American Union. NYC is a city in a state and they can do whatever the hell they want, but don’t force its control policies on other states. We didn’t ask for its help and government policies and we sure as hell don’t need it. Stay the F**k out of our lives!!!

      I was thinking the other day, maybe it would be better if NYC (specifically Manhattan with Bloominidiot) would just sink in the ocean. Who cares? Sorry Angel-NYC, I don’t mean you and the good people that are living there. I’m implying the city and the corporate and Jewish scoundrels that live there. Or a lighter way would be to just have them kicked out of the country or secede from the U.S. or have the other states secede from them. If they want to be the city that wants to control the policies of this country, then they can take their island of Manhattan and move out to the Atlantic Ocean and stay stranded out there with Bloominidiot and the rest of their Zionist Jew friends and corporate masters because no one wants or needs them. They are becoming the most hated and most parasitic city in the country and I’m sick of it all! Screw NYC!

      1. There you go NC thinkin’ like a Free Man again! I love it … and couldn’t agree more. You must be describing the One World offices of the UN … Manhattan?

        Henry’s got a good point too. People in the rest of the country better dang well wake up because this country’s teetering on the edge of the abyss.

    3. No,no, no,. There’s a very simple solution to N.Y.’s disaster.

      All they need to do is print 60 billion next month, instead of ONLY 40 billion.

      Problem solved.

  2. Everywhere I have been reading about the nuke that is going to hit the East coast. The way I see it, Sandy IS the “nuke” that hit the East coast, and they’re gonna do it to the West coast too with HAARP-induced earthquakes. They’re already thumping on the San Andreas fault line and have been for months.

    “They” really don’t need the “nuke bombs” anymore … not when they have the Tesla technology that can disguise disaster as a weather anomaly. There are some really sick and evil individuals walking on this planet!!!

    1. Exactly, that’s why it’s a good idea to cash out everything of any value and hunker down. God only knows what these sick f&$ks will do next.

    2. You raise an interesting point, Cathleen. I agree with ya there. Why use a nuke when you can just use the weather? It’s cheaper and easier to maneuver and get away with right under the people’s noses. It’s obviously one of the new military weapons developed for use for WWIII. We all should be watching the HAARP readings on a routine daily basis as I feel these events will only continue and by studying the HAARP readings (as long as they are not manipulated into false readings), we can better prepare ourselves and be a few hours or days ahead of them.

    3. Cathleen, I’ve done some serious research on HAARP, and I believe we have far more to be concerned about than an earthquake this time around.
      To create, intensify, and guide a storm such as Sandy requires extensive time for HAARP to accomplish.
      Conversely, to cause an earthquake with HAARP only requires a matter of minutes.
      After posting an article just recently on the increased volcanic activity here in So. Cal., it is my opinion that they are using HAARP this time to intensify said activity. Volcanic eruptions can be FAR more devastating than an earthquake, and even less likely to be blamed on HAARP, since many are now aware of it’s earthquake causing capability.
      I sincerely hope that i am wrong, but I am seeing chemtrails outside as I type this, which are also used in conjunction with HAARP, so it doesn’t bode well for those of us here on the West Coast.

      p.s. I am copying this comment and posting it on today’s HAARP article so I don’t have to re-type it.

  3. Sandy laid a big fat kiss right on Barry Soetoro’s aka Barack Obamas left butt cheek as well. This storm just gave him the lock to win the election. I don’t think I have to draw any pictures why either. The above article just did that for me.

  4. United??? LMAO! All I’ve been seeing is political hacks running around blowing pixie dust out their azzes and MSM reporting completely worthless news. Look at how a supposedly “secure” infrastructure is now falling apart. Remember all that money & “Task Forces” that went out after 9/11 and supposedly fixed the short comings? Their high-tech, costly solutions are doing a epic fail even as I post this. This whole infrastructure fix is nothing but a fraud.

    If people like us can foresee these problems & have viable preventative measures, then why can’t the leadership do the same? It looks to be a planned, controlled crisis that uses the forces of weather just to enhance the already criminally corrupt political system. The only misery you’ll see is the people who pull the plow for a living. Nukes or extreme weather; no difference.

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