13 thoughts on “Americans

  1. Burglars, robbers, rapists……come one, come all.

    Where you see the open door you’ll know there’s an idiot inside, begging to be a victim, and is most likely unarmed.

  2. I’ll just bet this poster is Nancy Pelosi ‘s idea! I wonder if she’ll open the giant gates of her walled estate and welcome Pedro and his family of 14 into her home for a few months….

  3. No way
    Not with the size of our mosquitoes
    And all the disease the government has them carrying around

  4. Wow! And I’m sure the person who did this has his or her doors completely shut and locked.

    Hope they reap what they sow.

  5. Whoever wrote this and/or whoever believes this ought to be hung outside their front lawn for all to see and shot.

  6. “No human being is illegal”

    What a bunch of Commie word twisting bullshit!

    As always they completely miss the point and do it on purpose because they knows the sheeple are so gullible and will eat up every word they say.

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