14 thoughts on “Wishing you a beautiful weekend

  1. You, too, Galen…..have a nice weekend, and thanks for all the nice pictures and articles you’ve sent in. (and I really do like the watermelon cake idea)

  2. You too, Galen, and my weekend is beautiful–lots of RAIN! Finally!

    But that’s July in far west Texas….the land where every gardener HATES June! (Too damned hot and too damned dry…when if you’re not home to water it, the garden might not make it through the worst month in far west Texas!)

    1. Thanks, DL. I do remember the Texas heat. Sizzling!!

      That picture made we wanna go out and look at the stars, and I will when it’s dark enough. I think I’ll dedicate my wish to those boys and their coach in the cave in Thailand. The rescue attempts are riveting to watch, with one rescuer already losing his life. The families on edge, and so much uncertainty with rising waters. All I can offer is a lighted candle and a prayer. This is a most tense time. I want them all out alive!!


      1. Today is D-Day for the boys. They are bringing them out. So far 2 are out and on their way to the hospital.

  3. Hey that looks like my back yard on a clear night.

    Minus the orange orb ufo’s fireballz and meteors.

      1. Nope…

        I hate to tell ya this…

        But them greys are racist.

        You notice that the only people they abduct are white.

        They also have segregated drinking fountains and restrooms.

        That sayz humans only.

        Plus in their operating room.

        They have a sign that sayz..

        No human niggars allowed.

        1. Wow, racism in space. Sounds like a new novel. Well, at least you weren’t subjected to one of their probing examinations.



  4. It was a productive and dry weekend.
    Wish it were longer.
    Thank you, Galen.
    I hope the weekend treated you well too.

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