An ‘Atmospheric River’ Is About To Slam The West With Feet Of Snow

Unofficial Networks – by Matt Lorelli

Our guy, meteorologist Chris Tomer, is forecasting DEEP snowfall totals across the American west thanks to an atmospheric river of moisture. 

Here are forecasted snowfall totals for notable ski resorts across the region:

Mammoth Mountain, CA: 71 inches

Lake Tahoe, CA/NV: 49 inches

Alta Ski Area, UT: 47 inches

Mount Shasta, CA: 43 inches

Silverton, CO: 33 inches

Mount Bachelor, OR: 29 inches

Give Tomer’s full Mountain Weather forecast a watch below, and get stoked for an awesome storm on the way!

Unofficial Networks


15 thoughts on “An ‘Atmospheric River’ Is About To Slam The West With Feet Of Snow

  1. Atmospheric River? That we’ve never seen before? Did it come from the Planet Elba 3? And why didn’t the Fantastic 4 stop it?
    This is funny book shit. I used to read funny books when I was seven and eight years old. Now, supposedly intelligent adults can’t wait for the next Hulk or Spiderman movie. This is where the dumbing down shines and the ignorant who go along with this childish shit have never grown up.
    I mean think about it. Superman is now gender neutral, which means I would feel comfortable bitch slapping his punk ass around.
    They’ve got a few with the mentality of the third grader, but just looking at them, you know they are of no significance. They are spineless cowards and we really shouldn’t fear spineless cowards, should we?
    Atmospheric River. Something for a comic book. Pathetic. It’s a f-king storm, we’ve had them here all my life. They say this is the first one in recorded history, but you’ve got to realize in the big scheme of things with the billions of years this earth has been here, our recorded history is like a grain of sand on a ten mile beach.
    Now I’m going to sit here and shake and shiver and pray that the Atmospheric River from Planet Elba 3 coming from the Andromeda system doesn’t get me.
    You comic book peasants need to step back and take a hard look at yourselves, You want to be little children that mommy and daddy government takes care of, just like the Fantastic 4.
    Pathetic pathetic pathetic.

    1. At that age I was reading “Bartholomew and the Oobleck” by Dr. Seuss. Fascinating how predictive programming works

        1. “Except for the ending. There is no such thing as a sorry ass king.”
          Please elaborate as sorry ass to me seems to be putting it lightly, and I’m not going to listen to a mile of video to solve this mystery.

          1. at the end of the story, after the king had made such a mess of everything with his oobleck, he finally admitted it was all his fault and he was sorry. The oobleck, a horribly stinky, sticky green substance that clogged everything up and made it impossible to do anything, got so thick that even the king himself, could no longer function, and that was when he begged for it to stop falling from his sky. The magic words he used were, “it’s all my fault” and “I’m sorry.” The oobleck disappeared and everyone in the kingdom lived happily ever after. In reality, no such kind of sorry ass king exists.

            In our world, we would have written a different kind of happy ending. That sorry ass king would disappear after doing the sh*t dance. Expect no mercy!! !!! !! !!!
            …and everyone lived happily ever after with their new law, the Bill of Rights! Well, that’s how the story will end this time around.

    2. Seven or eight, eh, Henry? Yep, comic booksof various kinds, and Nancy Drew novels and others…and at age 8 I started writing short stories…. Hmmmmm…..
      As for spineless cowards… I’ve encountered mountain lions, feral hogs, javelinas and rattlers, so to me spineless cowards are a joke, woke or not…. I wonder if spineless cowards could replace every water pipe under their house like we did after the Big Freeze of 2011…single digits 3 straight days–at the 30th parallel!

      1. I don’t know how you think this could possibly pertain to you.
        As you say, you were reading novels, not comic books.
        I’m talking about the people who never got past the comic books.
        I bow to no one when it comes to writing. I have written over 2200 articles for this site, that is like two War and Peace novels, including the songs and the writing of law documents, I think I have held my own.
        Seven or Eight? You are goddamn right. But when I see full grown adults giddy about the next Batman or Hulk movie, it is plain to see that is as far as their mentality has made it.
        I have encountered mountain lions, bears, badgers, wolverines, and have killed about every critter in this state in my younger days when I hunted. If it crawls, it falls, or flies, it dies. I have never been afraid of animals but I assure you animals are afraid of me. When I was a kid, only ten years old, we hunted rattlesnakes in the rocks for their skins. I’ve fixed equipment up in the woods in places you had to take a snowmobile to get there.
        I don’t know what you intended with this comment but knowing you as long as I have, the only reason I can think of, is that there is a cartoon movie coming out that you are excited about. If I’m wrong I apologize in advance, but don’t think giving me a talking to by recounting your exploits is going to suffice to change anything, I guarantee you I grew up in one of the meanest roughest and deadliest places in this United States.
        Anybody who wants to challenge me in any quarter can step up.
        I like you, but your resume will never be able to touch mine and I see your comment as an insult.
        Again, if that was not your intent I apologize and I never called you a spineless coward or anything else, I was just talking about the adults who never grew up, so why are you defending them, as they are a large part of our problem.
        I hope I just misunderstood you. Why did you take my words personally, I guess is the question I’m asking.

      1. Hahaha!! Big thanks, Hal. I needed this guy today. Reminded me that mocking them is a most effective tool to fight back with. Make them look as ridiculous as they are. We have idiot marionettes pulling our strings but they don’t yet fully know that we are not puppets. Try to pull our strings and we’ll give them the real definition of “BOMB CYCLONE.” Shall we call it Atmospheric Uprising? Tyranny Tornado? Mankind’s Monsoon? Or just a good ole’ fashioned Sh*t Storm?



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