16 thoughts on “And his special hotline to God

  1. Henry, I wasn’t expecting you to post it but it fits the times. Stick to your guns, your right, they’re wrong, case closed.

  2. Of course God hates metal. Few things are more sinful than electric guitars played with heavy distortion. And that double-bass drumming! It’s as morally repugnant as rape and murder! [/sarcasm]

  3. My guess is any kind caring god/gods whatever your religious beliefs would like say Sabbaths “War Pigs”/Iron Maidens “2 Minutes To Midnight”,heck,the list is endless.Grew up on Tull but enjoy me metal!

  4. How does the guy on the left know God hates metal music? Is there a Bible passage that refers to head-banging rock-n-roll?

    Or is what we have here a new Pope, trying to interpret the Bible for everyone?

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