ANDY NGO REPORTS: Little Rock child-sex crimes suspect revealed to be trans nonbinary activist

By Andy Ngo – The Postmillennial

ANDY NGO REPORTS: Little Rock child-sex crimes suspect revealed to be trans nonbinary activist

Benton, Ark. — A 27-year-old Little Rock-area woman who was arrested on child-sex crime allegations is revealed to be a trans nonbinary activist following an exclusive investigation by The Post Millennial.

Regina Mai Allen, who goes by the trans alias “Ringo M. Valentine,” was arrested on Feb. 8 and booked into the Saline County Detention Center on 20 felony counts of distributing, possessing, or viewing child sex abuse content.

Regina Mai Allen, of Benton, Ark., is accused of 20 felony counts related to viewing, distributing or possessing child-sex abuse content. Photo: Saline County Sheriff’s Office

Regina ‘Ringo’ Allen started cross-sex hormones in May 2021

Allen, who uses “they/them” pronouns and resides in Benton, Ark., has a long online trail of social media posts about being trans nonbinary and involved in trans activism.

“Stuck in my cis passing body prison bc [because] scared of finding out if my doctors are too conservative or not,” Allen wrote on X, formerly Twitter, in April 2021. The next month, Allen boasted about starting cross-sex hormones.

Regina Allen often posted about being trans nonbinary and on cross-sex hormones

Allen posted frequently about transitioning, including posting photos showing Allen growing facial hair and boasting about being on the “dude juice” (testosterone). Allen was also involved in LGBTQ+ activism and the furry community. The “furry” fandom subculture features people dressing up as anthropomorphic animals, often for conventions and sexual gatherings.

Regina Allen’s sibling is also trans

Allen also posted about political subjects, such as abortion. “Keep trans men and nonbinary people included in abortion rights talks!” Allen demanded in a 2022 post after Roe v. Wade was overturned at the U.S. Supreme Court.

Regina Allen advocated for the abortion rights of people who identify as men and nonbinary

Arkansas Attorney General Tim Griffin, a Republican, announced Allen’s arrest and referred to the suspect simply as a “woman.” On Feb. 14, the attorney general said 40-year-old Eric T. Brown was also arrested over the case, though it’s not clear how he is connected to Allen. Griffin’s office declined to comment.

Allen is the latest in a string of trans suspects accused or convicted of child-sex crimes this year. In January, trans blogger William “Ashley” Nicholas Horner, of Michigan, was charged over aggravated possession of child sexually abusive material.

Trans blogger William ‘Ashley’ Nicholas Horner and partner Stacey Horner were charged in Laurium, Mich.

The same month, a Kentucky trans former daycare worker was convicted of sexually abusing a baby. Authorities in Oregon are currently seeking a man partnered with a trans activist who fled before being sentenced on a conviction of raping and sodomizing two young children.

Paducah, Kentucky trans person Maria Childers received a sweetheart plea deal over the sexual abuse of a baby at a daycare

Allen has remained in custody since being booked earlier this month and bail is set at $150,000. The Saline County Sheriff’s Office was reached for comment about if Allen is being jailed with women or men.

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