Another Day, A Weaker Dollar

Well its Thursday again, another 391,000 new unemployment filings and another 400,000 exhausting their benefits and becoming a part of the great invisible, uncounted, dispossessed, disenfranchised, remnants of what was once a robust middle class in the United States.  Meanwhile the stock market continues to go up and down as the wealth of our country is pumped into offshore accounts around the world.

Another week of unchallenged blatant theft of our natural resources, another week of our dollar devaluating, as the police are abusing our people in the streets of cities throughout our nation.  And the only response from the insurgents who have taken over our government is the same old bullshit.  “We can only fix this problem by ceasing to tax the filthy rich who have already stolen $30 trillion from us,” or, “We can only solve this problem through increased taxes on the middle class to finance socialism and a Central American Free Trade Agreement.”

It has reached the point that they know we are not buying into anything the propagandists are saying.  Facts are facts.   The fix for our country is blatantly simple.  All we have to do is undo what has been done in a consolidated effort to destroy us and milk out our resources.  And that is:

  1. End CAFTA, NAFTA, and GATT.
  2. End the Federal Reserve.
  3. Throw all illegals from other countries out.
  4. Seal our borders.
  5. Tax the monies American corporations have sitting in foreign banks.
  6. Put a 90% tax on all monies leaving the United States destined for foreign investments.
  7. Stop all exports of our natural resources except in the form of manufactured goods; tables not boards.
  8. Put a 70% tariff on all imports.
  9. Retrieve the $30 trillion stolen by the international corporate mafia through fraud.
  10. Use those retrieved monies to establish a fund to make interest free loans to American entrepreneurs, regardless of their credit score.

But no, neither the false left nor the false right is going to do one damn thing to upset the status quo, which is continuing the transfer of our wealth from the middle class to the filthy rich.

The neo-cons are literally begging that fat-ass New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie, to run for the Republican ticket, which is no surprise as Christie could easily be the poster child for the grotesque gluttony the neo-con movement represents.  Obama or Christie, it makes no difference, it all equates to socialism with an eye on international communism.

Also being pumped in the mainstream propaganda is the trial of Michael Jackson’s physician.  Here is a little heads-up for you, propagandists.  We in the majority do not give a rat’s ass about Michael Jackson or his doctor.  This propaganda is designed to put forth the notion that life is precious and protected by the government.  And as we are being fed this line of crap, the traitors in the back rooms are pushing to deny we the commoners the right to sue a doctor who removes the wrong body part, poisons us, or kills one of our loved ones through gross negligence.

I have a message for the elitists out there.  The days of your being able to silence the voices of the 99% are fast coming to an end.  You might want to read up on the French Revolution and then start praying that you are taken into custody by an organized militia rather than being left to the discretion of the mob.  Either way, you are going to answer for your treason and we the people are going to have our Republic back under our Constitution with freedom, liberty, justice, and prosperity for all Americans of the American race.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

0 thoughts on “Another Day, A Weaker Dollar

  1. I am a New Jersey resident, so trust me when I say that you do NOT want that arrogant, fat hippo as President. He can’t even govern a single state well, much less a whole nation!

    1. They want him to divert votes away from Ron Paul. I wish the OccupyWallStreet crowd would all hold up Ron Paul signs.

  2. Occupy Wall Street today. Anyone who is somebody is occupying Wall Street today. The people here are the real Americans of this country, everybody else are either greedy, selfish or nothing.
    This is our country that we want back! We are millions! We are the 99% who make up this country while the 1% steal every penny from every person in America. The 1% greedy Corporate America only care about themselves and completely ignore what this country was based on! America stood for Americans. This country as Democracy or as a Republic, still stood for each other and equaled 100%. Now 1% to 4% has actually cornered America and the world in their favor! Meaning these low down Wall Street scoundrels are sucking the very life and monies out of everybody. This Occupy Wall Street is major news, though the no good media has black it out for the most part. Corporate/Big Business America of course runs the media and everything else it gets it’s greedy little hands on! Understand without Corporate America there would be no media…get it!!!! the media is just as greedy as the banks, the oil companies, the corporations that are stealing every penny America has! It’s time to fight!!!!! come join us and occupy Wall Street!
    Be somebody today!!! This is a major!!!!!! This History!!!!!
    We are millions and we will change this country around!!!!!!!!!!
    WHERE IS THE MIDDLE CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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