Anti-Gunners Reveal their Strategy

Gun Owners of America

Reid to use his Gun Bill to Portray Republicans as “Rape Supporters”

Honestly. Watching MSNBC is torment.  It is like planting a listening device in Hitler’s bunker.

After consultation with the White House, MSNBC has revealed what the Democrat’s strategy is for passing “universal gun registration,” gun bans, and magazine bans.  

Ironically, one MSNBC commentator, Mike Barnicle, accidentally referred to universal background checks as “universal gun registration.” What does that tell you about the Left’s agenda for background checks?

Bottom line: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will bring gun control (S. 649) to the floor, and he will use his privileged recognition to force Republicans to cast votes that will paint them as wanting to arm rapists and violent felons.

You can click here to read the transcript of the MSNBC strategy session or view the video.

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The message is clear for Republicans and pro-gun Democrats:

They need to stop the Gun Control Bribe-O-Thon by filibustering and defeating the Motion to Proceed to the Gun Control Vehicle, which will probably be S. 649.

If they allow the Senate to proceed to the gun control bill, Harry Reid, who has privileged recognition in the Senate will orchestrate a multi-day gun control bash-o-thon – with Obama, Biden, and every other anti-gunner in America coordinating a narrative that pro-gunners support rapists, murderers, and every other type of evil-doer.

The strategy is NOT to allow Reid to stage his bash-o-thon so the GOP can show what it’s “for.” Reid has control of the floor, and, as we saw with ObamaCare, he will use that control to mercilessly destroy supporters of the Second Amendment.

Plus, Reid will try to get a sufficient number of Senators by using bribes and kickbacks to buy the 60 anti-gun votes he needs (just like he did on ObamaCare).


3 thoughts on “Anti-Gunners Reveal their Strategy

  1. I think I’m one of tens of millions of gun owners who doesn’t care what any man, cop, judge or senator decides, votes on, orders or commands regarding my tools of self defense; I shall never part with them.

  2. Again, People, let me remind you, that all “Laws” are actually Statutes. They’re only applicable if you accept them.

    Research, take notes, online and Youtube

    “Your Strawman”
    ” Your NAME IN ALL CAPS.”

    Read /take note of online ebook:

    “Extortion System of the Ruling Elite”

    This is the Game tptb play, whether you like it or not. Those are THEIR Rules.


    “Maritime / Commercial Law”

    ” Common Law”

    foreign Language in Law Dictionaries (esp. Blacks Law Dictionary) called “Legalese.”


    Settle all Claims outside THEIR Court of Laws. If you go into their territory, tptb / Judges will twist everything, use all all tricks and cons, and win, in THEIR Spider’s Parlor.

    See on Youtube,
    “Don’t Talk to Cops”

    Those ignorant of what’s going on in Law, THEIR invented “Laws”- are always laughed at by tptb, and Judges, all the while STUMPING on Humanity.

  3. “Plus, Reid will try to get a sufficient number of Senators by using bribes and kickbacks to buy the 60 anti-gun votes he needs (just like he did on ObamaCare).”

    So now we have to bribe someone to keep our rights? WTF???!!!

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