32 thoughts on “Anybody know what this is? Went out of site in approximately 5 minutes.

    1. Hey FarmerDave Thats what i thought. however it started moving away at a pretty good clip, and the light at the bottom wasnt there anymore. Tried to take a video but too jittery and pixelated. was a long way off. My brother mentioned that the light could have been sun reflection. Strange. of course i[m not knowledgeable in hot air balloons. When i blew this up i couldnt see a basket under the light.

      1. I’m going to have to revise my answer and go with Wade. By the way, the Pau d’ Arco has finally been working after 6 months of taking it. 90% pain free. Thanks for the original articles.

          1. Hi Paul, I’ll reply to you as there was not a reply link to Joe. I started taking Pau d’ Arco six months ago at the same time my doctor put me on a six month regiment of steroids. Severe arthritis both rheumatoid and osteoarthritis. The steroids were to give me a break from the never ending pain. I have been off the steroids for 3 weeks now and the pain has not returned, except that I can still feel the damage in my shoulders and back. There has been no indication of damage in my fingers and feet like before. I purchased a 5 pound sack of Pau d’ Arco online for $49 and use it to make a tea using 3 teaspoons to make 2 quarts of tea, drinking it all day long. (the premade tea bags were getting too expensive) I hope this info helps other arthritis suffers out there. Be well.

          2. Hey FarmerDave. Thank you so much. BTW, is it possible to supply a link where you buy the 5 pounds?

            also how much do you drink in a days time?

          3. I only drink the 2 quarts spread over the day, plus another 2 quarts of water, plus my homemade beer in the evening. My beer is better than the three micro breweries in the area.

  1. It could have been highly superior intelligence realizing what a mistake it was wasting their time looking into our affairs. It could have been that Bruce Jenner gig they couldn’t quite grasp. “Damn, will someone please cleave these things off!”

      1. Dammit Wade, I’m sittin’ here listening to “niggers on parade” on the Sunday Morning Talking heads. And, of course, they’re all offended while on camera, and laughing it up offstage. This whole gig trying to rile up the “niggers” to start a “Race War” is a complete Crock of $hit. Nigger, nigger, nigger! There, I said it! Are my black friends on their way over to beat me up? No. Are they organizing a racial war against us, No. Is our corporate goobermint good for anything other than repression? Nope.

        1. Infiltrate their ranks Millard. Show up at their “SINogogues” on Saturdays and see what their next move is. If we get our colored cousins on our side, we will stomp the living shat out of these Mongrels!

  2. I got some naggers I can bring along! 😆 Don’t take me serious! The joo boys know if we ever got together, stick a fork in cause you would be done! Time to bake.

      1. Getting back to matters at hand, if a guy ain’t, at least, thinking about contingencies, then he is a complete fool. To remain enthralled by the latest gizmo is not my life wish to wake up to every morning. There’s way more out there.

        1. ” A Swan Song From a Lame Duck.” How do you tell a Senator that your “gay” and he hears you “got game”. They are all sword-swallowing bitches struggling to wipe the evidence off their chin before camera time.

  3. those are called sky lanterns people use them for wishes and sometimes memorials or just for fun you can get them at any party store they are kinda neat now take off your tin foil hats guys the gov is not going to kill you with a paper balloon lantern ha ha ha

    1. Hey that guy. now that makes sense. Had forgotten about them. Yeah that pretty much explains it’s movement and decent. Thanks for clearing that up brother.


      1. Yeah I was real curious about them a few years ago someone near me set off a bunch of them on the fourth of July one year it was really cool being nighttime and all it was something to see

  4. “That guy” is right. It looks like a sky lantern that Asian people use to make wishes or celebrate holidays with. I can tell by the shape and the look of the material in the picture. No biggie. They eventually die out after they reach a certain part of the atmosphere and fall. Saw those all the time when I was in China.

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