Are James Foley’s Sister & Adam Lanza Classmate The Same Person?

Before It’s News – by Mort Amsel

I seriously don’t know what to believe anymore.  This is a spot on dead ringer actor caught here.  No way in hell is that Foley’s sister or a classmate of Adam Lanza.  She’s a hired actor.  I’ve been sceptical of this acting conspiracy from the start but my eyes tell me that nodoubt, that is the same person.  Unbelieveable…

Here she is as James Foley’s sister…

Here she is as Adam Lanza’s classmate…   Thoughts?

4 thoughts on “Are James Foley’s Sister & Adam Lanza Classmate The Same Person?

  1. What else can an actress do when she’s not pretty enough for TV? There’s nothing wrong with her, but she’s just an average-looking girl, and that doesn’t cut the mustard when you rely on sexual titillation to sell stuff.

    You know they’re staged events, so why wouldn’t you expect actors on the stage?

  2.’s sketchy. Something about the two just seems different. Everything is close but the jaw and the voice. Also, the Sandy Hook one looks a little older than the James Foley one. But that’s just me.

  3. We know Sandy Hook was a hoax. We know the beheading of Foley was a hoax. We know Crisis Actors were used to convince the 98% of adult Americans who are biologically incapable of intelligent human thought. So we can expect the same for the Foley hoax.

    Different hair do and makeup. Brighter lighting makes her look younger. Lower camera angle makes her nose appear shorter and chin more dominant. I say it’s the same performer.

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