Arming Yourself Creatively

Hey there fellow patriots. The time is now. Arm yourself. Some amongst us have been denied our 2nd Amendment rights. What to do?

If you are capable of reading and following a few simple directions and can handle a few hand tools (most of which you probably already have) you don’t have to skulk around waiting for a weapon to fall and you grab it. There is a better way!

The more machinery you have the better equipped you can be by “Rolling yer own.”I’m not a lawyer, but as I understand it there is nothing illegal about building your own guns. Selling them is the legal issue.

Get out to the garage fire up the woodstove and get your gun shop producing. Don’t worry about the failings (minor) of these weapons, these only give you teeth, on the battlefield you will have to be resourceful and gain your FANGS!  Then like the LIBERATOR .45 the allies dumped by the thousands all over occupied France, past the baby teeth on to another Patriot.

Hey we are all in this together, either we stand together or we hang together. Your Choice.




8 thoughts on “Arming Yourself Creatively

    1. NO! Thank You Digger,
      You were the inspiration for putting this together. Without your reminder that some of our battle hardened and ready Patriots have been denied their rights. What I’ve done here is little, but share information. I have had these files forever and just had to search my hard drive.
      I have more sten files, but ffabricating them thakes a well set-up home metal shop or access to a few specialized machines. As for myself, an old (70 years old is still new for this) Bridgeport overhead mill and turret lathe and I could build ya anything.
      The thing is if Pakistani’s etc., can sit in open bazzars with a few questionable tools build even better guns than these there is no reason anyone skilled enough to handle a firearm is skilled enough to build that firearm. The other benefit of building your own is that there is nothing mysterious about it, you made it you damn shure can fix it! Along with an understanding of that you can fix a lot of other guns.

  1. I’ve actually been interested in mill/lathe work. I work with very similar cnc machinery but with sheet metal as opposed to stock. We actually just recently purchased a new cnc surface grinder for sharpening our turret press tools. I’ve often considered investing in one of these combo mill/lathes you see sometimes, I think their made by a company called Smithy or something like that. I just dont know how well they’re made. Sometimes my wheels get turning I start looking at used equipment but a lot of that stuff is 3 phase and I’d end up having to get a converter and next thing you know Im broke. Too many expensive toys and not enough time.

  2. At the turn of the century my great granddad had the local livery stable. He had a hired blacksmith. That guy taught my granddad. After WW1 He learned to be a tool and die maker but eventually returned home to the livery. My granddad used what he had learned and eventually turned the place into a repair shop/fabricator. After WW2 the family got war surplus machines cheap.
    Long story short, I grew up with a war surplus machine shop out in our barn with my family teaching me how to use the machines. I wish I still had that shop.

  3. Unfortunately, I am not mechanically inclined, nor do I own any tools.

    Guess I’ll just have to rely on factory made.

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