41 thoughts on “Attention Trenchers, A Question if You Will

  1. I don’t have a mobile phone anymore. The service, which advertises unlimited calling, texting and internet shut my phone off for “excessive usage.”
    I may get another one in the future, if my zollarary situation changes. What does the app do, exactly?

    1. I’m with you. LOL What’s an app? Everybody talks about them and I don’t have a clue. I do know that apps are for mobile phones (I think only “smart phones, but I don’t know). I barely get around on my computer.

  2. most mobile apps stream… that would be great for the broadcast..I can’t use the streaming feature on the site for my smart phone, because my operating system is not that smart… most new apps do not work on my android…

  3. I said yes because carrying my computer around with me doesn’t work. Especially when making dinner. I can’t get THE WORD on my phone or iPad at this point, so I’m married to my laptop. I look absolutely silly carrying it around like a boom box. :).

    I have a question for you and Laura. Will it cost you? If no then yes. If yes then no. I wouldn’t want you to be burdened.

  4. I’ve been following this website since the 99ers era. You bet I would use the moble app. I hardly ever go on a PC or laptop.

  5. I have no mobile device to utilize, but if I did, my vote would be a BIG yes.

    Perhaps tomorrow you could cover the capabilities of this app possibility.

  6. I’m in, I can’t access the mobile word press site any more for some reason but I have no computer or any other device save this phone. If i didn’t I never would have found this site. I only hear the broadcast when my old man listens in but if that would be possible it’d be even better. As much as technology sucks.

  7. No cell service (except in some spots) here in mountains; no cell towers except in a few spots here. Husband has a cell phone but cannot use it here (he needs it for various deployments/jobs; uses it where he works in town 40 miles away). I likely wouldn’t want one either. I tend to be old school (the Internet is about as “new school” as I get!), and don’t do gadgets.

    But, if I did, then yes!

    1. I “old school” too. I’ve always joked on the Trenches about being “technically challenged” and a “technophobe.”

  8. Probably not.

    When away from home, I usually follow From The Trenches on the Internet on my i-phone. I, too, am pretty “old school.” The only app I have is one my son put on my I-pad – an app I never use.

    Thanks for all the time and effort you expend to produce a very informative site.

  9. I got one of those “smartphones”. I guess, according to my daughter, I got all these fancy-nancy apps that will solve everything. 😆 I use it to call someone. Mobile apps may help some, I’ll just listen to the archives when I get home. Whatever you guys decide on that makes no difference to me.

  10. great way to share broadcasts & increase exposure for FTT in general

    don’t go the way of the quill pen!

    plenty of idiots out there that could really use some, even a tiny bit of enlightenment

  11. I’d use it but not as much as I’d like? My smartphone isn’t as smart as it thinks it is and I have a D of a time figuring out which device other than my smartphone can play it when and where on what I can listen on. But the younger folk(less than me at 45) DO need to hear it and they’re more privy to such conveniences.

    1. I agree. Younger folks are more privy to such conveniences and they DO need to hear the Word. Also, as Cynicles said, “plenty of idiots out there that could really use some, even a tiny bit of enlightenment.
      one more way to share the world of FTT
      think of it as further ease for spreading the word world of FTT around.”
      If an App would make it more accessible for them, I think that would be great.

  12. Will it need access to all the resources / functions on the device? WiFi, ports, accounts, etc.? All the same thing every other app supposedly needs?

    If so, then – No

    Got enough security worries with what is already on anyone’s device. Besides, you make no detailed mention as to what this will actually do.

    So, give a detailed description as to what it will do, the resources it will need on the given OS (devices), and the price.

    Then maybe someone take you up on it.

  13. I change my mind. I vote Yes. I do agree with Angel-NYC and others. If we want to get young people more involved with the cause, we need to adapt to the technology they’re using. Just my 2 cents worth but I see how mobile devices are dominating the market. There’s nationwide coverage with most plans now. I just see how my kids do things. They rarely use a laptop anymore, they do everything on their smartphones.

    Of course, it’s your call Henry, I’m unknowing of the cost to get this done.

  14. I have a basic cell phone and everything is blocked except talking. Security questions are screwed up again.

  15. I’ll vote yes too, even though I no longer have a cell phone. I’m with Millard, Angel and some others.
    If the younger folk can stumble out into oncoming traffic, staring at their phones while playing Pokemon Go, they would be better off listening to the Word From the Trenches.
    If Henry can swing it zollartarily, that is.

  16. I’d just like to take this opportunity to say that this is probably the most voting that I have ever done in my entire lifetime. It was very taxing and I had to sleep on it, but I’m confident that I made the correct decision.

    Ok, I’m exaggerating a little about the taxing part, but I’m glad to see Henry isn’t allowing any voter cheating. I voted once and now I can’t vote again.

  17. I do not use a smart phone, but I would pass the word to those I know who do should you chose the app mission.
    “This message will self destruct in 10 seconds”

  18. A podcast format is useful. You can find a hotspot download and play latter when you have no cell service or limited data.

  19. at current vote 276 has been casted… why is WFTT always low on funds… don’t get me wrong, I haven’t donated in approx 2-3 months… but at least 276 individuals have been here…. you do the math

  20. I would consider an app if it were available directly from the trenches. Some of us like to limit our phones exposure to google services if you know what I mean.

  21. Though I am old school (see comment above) the notion of an app that millennials would use (with some encouragement from non-millennials) to help them wake up is a great idea. My daughter tends to listen to my political/whatever opinions and facts, and my son knows guys his age who have definitely woken up (which happens when you home school your kids, and they can actually think for themselves), so good idea Henry (even if I wouldn’t use it, see above). Because millennials and Gen-Xers NEED the information you folks provide at FTTWR and the Word FFT! When the time comes it’ll be them, not is older Boomers, who will be doing the heavy lifting!

    1. I am in agreement with your statements above DL.. Any way to spread proper, and truthful information in the realm of affordability at the same time is key.
      I have to mention though that I do not take heart in segregating people into generational stamps. I aint much for separating the fruit from the tree fallen from although differences do take hand sometimes.
      Sounds like the names of storms. Separation isn’t necessary.
      I’m weird like that.

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