3 thoughts on “Australia “Quarantine Camps”

  1. They were told not to disarm , that it would likely be the end of them
    People here need to wake the Fck up
    Because this is coming our way, and it should start a war like they never seen

    And the fact that no country is coming to their aid should tell you their plans for all of us

  2. I mean really, Shouldn’t we be hearing about Gorilla (terrorist) style assaults all over the place in Aussie land, I mean surely there are plenty of hidden away arms I would imagine, the kinda folks that would actually fight would have such stores I would imagine…!!???

    Just unreal with the level of totalitarian actions being employed by their “Authority”…. So, let me get this right…first they take the guns…and then…..They ??????

    Ha ha ha… if you ain’t got the will to survive and fight evil, then better you are gone from our gene pools yeah….Now Sheila, put another shrimp on the barbie and bring me a fosters….!!!

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