To be truly prepared, it’s important that you can defend yourself, your family, and your property against two as well as four-legged predators. In light of recent world events, self-defense and security should be at the core of your emergency planning.

A multitude of weapons and strategies are available to you for self-defense and any good SHTF plan will incorporate a wide range of these into it. In this article, we will focus on the type of gun you need and on the factors you need to consider.   Continue reading “Which Type of Gun Do You Need?”

One of the least pleasant aspects of survival is not, for most preppers, death or injury. For some reason, we like to think we’re immortals simply because “we prep”. The things preppers avoid talking about are survival skills, and that’s exactly what I want to discuss in this article.

It makes sense in a way… Practicing a skill involves practice, making mistakes and learning from those mistakes. At the same time, there are things much easier to do that give us the illusion of safety: watching youtube videos and reality shows, reading, talking about survival on blogs and forums and, of course, politics.   Continue reading “Critical Survival Skills to Learn for Doomsday”