The State Journal – by Mandi Cardosi

A Wood County man is behind bars after allegedly making threats of terrorist acts on state government officials.

Thomas David Deegan, 39, of Mineral Wells, was arraigned in Wood County Magistrate Court Sept. 23 and is being held on a $300,000 cash only bond. He is being held in North Central Regional Jail.   Continue reading “Wood County, WV man arrested for making ‘threats of terrorist acts’”

Almasdar News – by Leith Fadel

On Friday morning, a Russian Marine contingent of about 40 soldiers arrived at their naval repair facility in Tartous City in order to train the civilian-led “National Defense Forces” (NDF) inside a number of provinces, including the Homs, Latakia, and Tartous Governorates of western Syria.

Despite the propaganda surfacing from their arrival in Tartous, the Russian Marines have no direct involvement in the ground warfare; however, they are assisting the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) with both intel and satellite imagery, while the Syrian Opposition media reports the direct use of these Russian soldiers at checkpoints in rural Latakia and Homs.   Continue reading “Russian Marines Arrive in Syria to Train and Protect Their Regional Assets”

Karl Rove (Getty Images)Daily Caller – by Christian Datok

Republican strategist Karl Rove said on “Fox News Sunday” the only way to stop gun-related violence, like the Wednesday massacre at Emmanuel African Methodist Church in Charleston S.C., was to repeal American citizens’ Second Amendment rights.   Continue reading “Karl Rove: Only Way To Stop The Violence Is To Repeal Second Amendment”


Otto was shot four times and died on 4/29/15, when Wyckoff, NJ Police Department responded to the wrong address to take a report of a property damage on a neighbor’s house. The officer entered the backyard of the incorrect home and became startled when Otto entered the yard barking, causing him to fire four shots, hitting the dog twice. The police have tried to cover-up this act of negligence as self-defense against an “attack” during an investigation of a “burglary” – witnesses and evidence prove otherwise. See for yourself if he was an attack dog.   Continue reading “R.I.P. Otto – Killed by Wyckoff, NJ Police”

Hard Proof of Crisis Actors in Baltimore arch-Zionist Riot HoaxNodisinfo

Make no mistake about it regarding the so-called black mob riots in Baltimore this is a Zionist plot, proven by evidence of the events on-site. Consider the video included in this post featuring arch-Zionist agent Jake Tapper. It is filled with lies, entirely inflammatory: absolutely false. It is a set-up by Zionist-controlled CNN, make evidently clear by the voice inflections and arch-fabrications spewed by Tapper.

The proof is undeniable. In many respects it was a fully staged event, proven by a thorough analysis of the information at hand.   Continue reading “Hard Proof of Crisis Actors in Baltimore arch-Zionist Riot Hoax”

Hard Proof Germanwings Crash is a Hoax – Orchestrated by ZionistsNoDisInfo

Revelation due to the astute work of numerous posters for this hoax, which does not hold up as a real plane crash under close scrutiny. Full credit to them realizing this as a hoax immediately.

Regarding the purported Germanwings crash of an Airbus 340 no sense can be made of it. Who would purposely drive an airplane into a mountain, even if this could be done? It is relatively easy to prove the hoax. This is through the debris pattern. It does not have the pattern of a real spontaneous, catastrophic crash. Rather, it has the pattern of staging, as if it was merely dropped there or placed there by a litany of staging agents.   Continue reading “Hard Proof Germanwings Crash is a Hoax – Orchestrated by Zionists”