Proof That A Car Bomb Killed Michael Hastings

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When I first saw this, I immediately wondered: WHY THE BLANKET?

Now I know. It’s because the front end of the car is almost completely GONE.

Check out these still shots, taken from Loudlabs News footage:  


The carriage and rear end are cocked back from a blast that cleared the engine compartment. The left front wheel and part of the front bumper are about all that’s left, and they are cocked forward.

Now from the driver’s side angle:


Note what looks to be the hood twisted around the left side of the palm tree.

Now, a direct side shot:


The blanket was there to hide the fact that almost the entire front end of the car is gone.

Only a bomb could have done that.

Perhaps this explains the flight of the engine down the street. I leave that to the more technically-minded to decide.

Here is the footage:

10 thoughts on “Proof That A Car Bomb Killed Michael Hastings

  1. I’m sorry, but how is this proof of a bomb? Why would someone blow up a Rolling Stone reporter? My buddy is a paramedic and he’s described incredible car accidents to me, like a 400 yard debris field at a drunk driver accident when a car ran off the road and proceeded to flip several times. The witness, who speaks poor English, seemed to indicate the driver was traveling at a high rate of speed before impact.

    1. I can’t say this is proof of a bomb, but it is not unreasonable. And yes, your buddy talking about debris fields when cars break apart as they roll is correct. This car stopped and exploded on impact. The engine, that big heavy thing under the hood, flew 50 yards away. We have plenty of data on high speed car accidents. 43,000 people die in car accidents every year. So, of all those fatal accidents, what percentage of those toss engines 50 yards?

  2. I think the blanket is hiding a gory scene. This car hit a few things before the tree, so air bag already set off. Tree impact likely put the driver hard into the firewall, then the fire cooked him in. Note the chains on front and back of car used to remove and stretch portions of the car. Not saying the car didn’t have a stuck accelerator, but when that happens you just turn the key back one notch cutting the coils. Could be he was coming home late, had a few too many, and opened her up on a road insufficient for high speed stability. Then again, maybe it was a bomb, but seems risky to set a bomb on a moving vehicle in a Jewish neighborhood, no? Also could have been planted, but that doesn’t add up either.

  3. by the way, that is right front wheel. Left popped of when the tree split the crossmember. Cars are designed to dissipate energy by shedding components. Note how cabin is reasonably intact.

  4. As a retired career firefighter, I can tell you first-hand that vehicle fires that happen upon impact don’t cause that kind of damage.

    But when an explosive is used, and yes, I’ve seen one of those in a pickup truck, the vehicle is destroyed beyond recognition, like the Mercedes above.

    Hastings was supposed to be working on a story involving the CIA and NSA.

    If true, that was his death sentence.

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