But instead of touring the country exposing your complete lack of knowledge concerning firearms, maybe you should clean up your own house first, starting with the gang of idiots you call a police force.

Every child who learns to shoot knows enough to be conscious of where his or her bullet will eventually stop, but for some reason the idiots in your employ thought it was wise to unload a few magazines on a crowded Manhattan street. Any parent would never allow a child so stupid to ever shoot again, but you’re probably shopping for armored personnel carriers to make sure those incompetent fools can get to their next slaughter in safety.
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I just read another article in the “alternative news” that was obviously, and blatantly written to dissuade Americans from fighting for their freedom, as if they had any choice in the matter. I dismissed it as just another Zionist shill doing all he can to see that the lambs go quietly off to slaughter, but then I worried that some confused people might see it as sound advice, rather than the knife-in-the-back that it actually is.

The article advised that Americans should “give up their guns when they’re told to”, because the government troops have this and that type of weapon or technology, and surely, anyone who resisted would be committing “suicide by cop” for no sensible reason.
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