Wisconsin State Journal – by ROB SCHULTZ

State officials on Friday asked a Sauk County judge to send farmer Vernon Hershberger to jail for breaking conditions of his bail.

The state’s motion to revoke Hershberger’s bail cites a Capital Times report Wednesday in which the Loganville dairy farmer is quoted as saying he continued to sell raw milk and other farm products after the state ordered him to stop. The terms of his bail specify that he not sell or process dairy products without a license.   Continue reading “State looking to revoke bail for raw milk farmer”

PC World – by Alex Wawro

Anonymous peer-to-peer communication on the Internet isn’t just a handy tool for privacy enthusiasts; it’s critical for preserving free speech in the digital world. Anonymous file-sharing services like BitTorrent are legion, but their utility is limited—you can share only files—and their reputations are unfairly tarnished by people who use them to share media illegally. If you’re looking for a highly anonymous peer-to-peer network with websites, forums, and more, look no farther than the Free Network, one of the best-kept secrets in anonymous communication.   Continue reading “Find your own private Internet with Freenet”

No GMO BabySustainable Pulse,  May 12, 2013

Nestle has gone on record in South Africa as saying that “it took consumer preferences into consideration and therefore all its infant cereals in South Africa used non-GM maize”, the African Centre for Biosafety (ACB) announced Friday.

“This can only be a result of the action that so many…took last year after we released the results showing that Nestle’s Cerelac Honey contained 77.65% GM Maize. This is a victory indeed!” ACB continued.   Continue reading “Nestle Folds to Consumer Pressure over GMOs in South Africa”

The grisly find occurred on Wednesday when ground subsided as workers carried out renovations Daily Mail – by PAUL MILLIGAN

Six mass graves features the remains of dozens of Palestinians killed during the Israeli-Arab war of 1948, when the Jewish state was founded have been uncovered in the Jaffa district of Tel Aviv.

An official at the Muslim cemetery there told AFP that the grisly find happened on Wednesday when ground subsided as builders carried out renovation work.   Continue reading “Mass grave uncovered containing dozens of Palestinians killed in 1948 war that founded Israel”

mccainAnti-War – by Philip Giraldi

Two time Medal of Honor recipient Marine Major General Smedley Butler once said“war is a racket.” He might have added that while enriching the few it victimizes and degrades everyone else who is caught up in the meat grinder, soldiers as well as civilians.   Continue reading “John McCain: War Hero or Something Less?”

A tornado in Moore, Okla., killed 24 people and injured nearly 400 more on May 20. It destroyed 1,200 homes and damaged another 10,000.CBC

A Canadian shipment of relief goods bound for storm-ravaged Oklahoma has been stopped at the Canada-U.S. border in Windsor, Ont.

American officials will not allow the 20,000 kilograms of food, blankets and diapers into the country until every item on board is itemized in alphabetical order and has the country of origin of every product noted.   Continue reading “Canadian relief for Moore tornado victims denied at border”

Investigative Reporting Denmark

Monsanto will halt production of genetically modified corn in all of Europe, except Spain, Portugal and Czech republic. The agribusiness multinational states not to spend any more money on trials, development, marketing, court cases or anything else to get GM corn accepted in Europe.   Continue reading “GMO lose Europe – victory for environmental organisations”

Flickr - March Against Monsanto - John NovotnyWaking Times – by Dylan Charles

Two million people in 52 countries marched against Monsanto last week in protest of genetically-modified food and in support of consumer choice. There’s international pressure on this GMO giant like never before.

But proposed legislation in North Carolina would make it illegal for whistleblowers to expose how Monsanto and other corporations are threatening public health and the environment.   Continue reading “North Carolina Law Would Make It Illegal to Expose Monsanto”

Syria Report

Major reports by two Turkish daily newspapers detail the arrest of twelve suspects linked to the Reyhanlı bombings on May 11 in which 51 people were killed and 140 injured. The 12 suspected Al-Qaeda members were arrested in Adana, southern Turkey and anti-terrorist police seized among other items, 2 kilograms of the sarin nerve agent.

Zaman reports that the dawn raid took place on Monday, 27 May following intelligence gathered on the cell.   Continue reading “Chemical Weapons Found in Turkey Al-Qaeda Raid”

Activist Post – by Stephen Lendman

Israel gives chutzpah new meaning. War on humanity defines its agenda. It’s partnered with Washington’s war on Syria.

It’s heading perhaps toward greater intervention. It warned Russia about supplying Syria with sophisticated defensive anti-aircraft missiles. It said Israel will react in response. More on that below.   Continue reading “Israel Threatens Russia”

nra protect your rightsRight Wing News – by John Hawkins

When Jared Marcum was suspended from school and arrested for wearing a NRA “Protect Your Rights” t-shirt, it drew national attention. Afterwards, the liberal bullies at Logan County Schools who thought they could get away with picking on a 14 year old kid started to become a lot more reasonable.   Continue reading “After Student is Suspended and Arrested for Wearing NRA “Protect Your Rights” Shirt,100 Students Wear Shirt to School”

Syria Report

A shocking report from pan-Arab TV station Al-Jadeed reveals America’s Republican Senator, John McCain, visited kidnappers of Lebanese pilgrims.

Elizabeth O’Bagy, political director for the “Syrian Emergency Task Force” and , a U.S.-based nonprofit providing support to the opposition, allegedly organised the visit which brought McCain just half a mile inside Syria on Monday 27 May.   Continue reading “McCain Visited Kidnappers in Syria”

United Liberty – by Travis Thornton

In case you missed it, Senator John McCain took the opportunity this Memorial Day to cross the Turkey-Syria border and hang out with Syrian rebels. These are the same rebels with ties to Al Qaeda. These are the same rebels cutting out and eating the hearts of dead soldiersAccording to reports, Senator McCain wanted to go further into combat but was not allowed.   Continue reading “Did Senator McCain Violate NDAA by Hanging Out with Syrian Rebels?”