Bank executive, 31, jumps to death from workplace ‘after dispute with girlfriend’

Police have cordoned off the scene at Citibank Plaza in Central. Photo: Felix WongSouth China Morning Post – by Clifford Lo and Lai Ying-kit

A 31-year-old man jumped to his death from a bank tower in Hong Kong’s Central this morning after an argument with his girlfriend, according to a police source.

The man, identified by the source as Lui Yau-man, was wearing a business suit when he was found lying unconscious on an elevated platform by security guards at the Citibank Plaza at around 7.30am.  

The source said Lui worked as an assistant vice-president in the risk-management department of Industrial Bank. The source said initial information showed he committed suicide by jumping from the ICBC Tower in the Citibank Plaza complex after he had a dispute with his girlfriend.

Lui left his work keycard pass on the roof of the ICBC Tower, the source added.

He was certified dead by ambulancemen called to the scene.

A police spokeswoman said an initial investigation found nothing suspicious.

An ICBC spokeswoman said she learned about the incident from news reports but could not immediately confirm if the man was an employee or not.

“The bank is only one of the tenants and we have no further information at this moment,” she said.

A spokesman for Citibank said the man did not fall from Citibank Tower.

Citibank Tower has 50 storeys while ICBC Tower has 37. Their tenants are mainly multinational banking and financial services companies.

Police officers put a green tent over the body and cordoned off part of the scene for further investigation.

The man’s body was found in the flowerbed at the foot of this tower complex. Photo: Felix Wong

4 thoughts on “Bank executive, 31, jumps to death from workplace ‘after dispute with girlfriend’

  1. OOPs, nobody wants to take responsibility for having the higher building from which to jump? Jeez, There’s no woman in the world I’d jump for..unless it was Hillary as President.

  2. Yea….sure…. Having a fight with a girl and then jumping to my death.

    Hmm……nope not buying it for a second.

    Another banker bites the dust.

  3. It’s amazing how many bankers out there think they can fly! $hit’s gettin’ so deep I’m going to have to get out the waders! Yet, they will tell you everything is just “fine”. How’s that global warming gig going? “Fine”. How’s that decimation of America going? “Fine” How’s that robbing us blind going? “Fine”. We need to “girder our loins” and take this country back folks or we can sit back and wait until they lead us all to the edge of the ditch.

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