4 thoughts on “Bankers are like pedophiles they won’t stop till they are locked up

  1. This guy is AWESOME!!! Nothing like listening to a British person bitching about something. Especially the crisis we’re in now. The best part was his imitation of “the bankers grinning from ear to F**king ear”. Everything he says is true and I spend half my day saying the same thing to everyone I meet, which is probably why I’m still unemployed. No one can handle constructive criticism if you work in a Socialist environment of “play along to get along as a team”, created by Fascist corporations and banks who only give a shit about themselves while reducing you to a slave. Zero Freedom to say or do anything.

    Anyways, good rant by the Brit. Where’s Angry Grandparent? She would probably comment on this, too.

  2. Looks like we aren’t the only ones going through this mess. Good for him!! Too bad there are so many cameras on every street corner there in Britain. It forces him to stay in his car with his rant. Thank God for video though!! … Love this guy!!

    Maybe Spain will set a precedence for all of us tomorrow, with their march down to their Congressional offices and dragging them out by their hair.

    I’d love to see ours in a town square stock before we decorate the trees.

    * * *

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