Barry Sherman Lobbying Conviction Could Have Removed Trudeau From Office by Brad Salzberg

Is it not suspect that PM Trudeau fired the head of the federal government lobbying commission on the same day the Shermans were murdered?

December 2022 marked five years since Toronto billionaires Barry and Honey Sherman were killed in their home, and their son — Jonathon Sherman — has announced he’s adding $25 million to the reward set up to help solve the case.”

Upping the total reward compensation to $35 million dollars. Frankly, the total could be $888 million, and nothing will change in terms of discovery.

“Closure not possible until those responsible for this evil act are brought to justice,” claims Jonathan Sherman, son of deceased Canadian Big Pharma moguls, Barry and Honey Sherman.

Call CAP pessimistic, but based on the Sherman son’s comment, this murder case will never be resolved.

A run of media articles marking the 5th year anniversary of the Sherman deaths emerged in late 2022.  Not one of them references a critical piece of information: fundamental to the story is the relationship between Mr. Sherman, and the Liberal Party of Canada.

“At the time of the targeted murders, the RCMP were conducting a criminal investigation of Barry and Honey Sherman’s August 26, 2015 fundraiser for 2015 election candidate Justin Trudeau.”

“On December 13, 2017, on the day  Barry and Honey Sherman were murdered, Justin Trudeau had both the Lobbying Commissioner and the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner removed, and appointed new ones.”

A critical piece of information it is. Is it not suspect that our prime minister fired the head of the federal government lobbying commission on the same day the Shermans were murdered? Is there something that Trudeau and his handlers desperately want to hide from the people of Canada?

“A conviction for violating the Canada Elections Act Section 502(2) (h.01) meant Justin Trudeau would lose his seat in the House of Commons for accepting prohibited gift or other advantage.”

There it is. After five years, the quantity of leads and/or suspects in the Sherman murders totals zero. The Trudeau-Sherman connection stands as a solid piece of factual information related to the December, 2017 murders of the Pharma moguls.

CBC say nothing. Globe & Mail print nothing. It’s a pipe-dream to believe they ever will.

“Barry had been involved in dozens of heated lawsuits, including some against his own relatives. He had also loaned tens of millions of dollars to family and invested in numerous businesses owned by relatives and associates.”

Including one involving a breach of the Lobbyist Registration Act, as legislated within the federal Canada Elections Act:

“The Apotex lawsuit posed a serious threat to Justin Trudeau’s political career. If Apotex was successful the lawsuit would have provided compelling evidence that Justin Trudeau had violated the Canada Elections Act.” 


  • 477.9 (1) No candidate shall accept any gift or other advantage that might reasonably be seen to have been given to influence them in the performance of their duties and functions as a member of the House of Commons if the candidate were to be elected, during the period that
    • (a) begins on the day on which they are deemed to have become a candidate.

CAP reiterate: On the very day the Shermans were murdered, the PMO made a decision to fire the head of the investigation. A non-story of inconsequential proportions? Irrelevant as a winter’s snowfall in Nunavut?

Hardly. Can it be that Barry Sherman was “dealt with” to preserve what by 2022 had transitioned to a Liberal neo-dictatorship? Were there forces at play who so wanted Trudeau to remain prime minister that a murder card was dealt from the bottom of  Canada’s political deck?

CAP believe it to be possible. The very reason why an article of this nature has never appeared in Canadian media. Pourquoi? Because the whole thing makes good sense.

Not to worry, though, CBC News and the rest of the paid-off media cohorts.  Nothing contained within will be exposed to the general Canadian population. Heck, if Canada’s woke warriors are lucky enough, an article such as this will get Cultural Action Party banned under the Liberals pending internet censorship legislation.

“If you have tips on the Barry and Honey Sherman story please email or call Harvey Cashore at 416-526-4704 or Scott Anderson 416-205-7515​.”

Why not give it a go? Send them the contents of this article. The impact will hover between nil and nothing. Have you heard the news? The CBC is a state-controlled media institution funded by Trudeau’s Liberal government. Perhaps it will tweak the interest of their team of investigative journalists. Should anything hit the CBC editorial desk, it will be crushed like a bug.

“The Sherman family had previously offered a $10-million reward for information leading to a conviction.”

March 10th, 2023: “The Billionaire Murders: The hunt for the killers of Honey and Barry Sherman,” hosted by Kevin Donovan.

“Loosening lips: What Sherman friends and family might be trying to hide.”

Talk about an exercise in futility, as well as the fine art of Liberal government-funded inverted media obfuscation. It’s not what family wish to hide– it’s what government–in addition to Big Pharma wish to hide.

More brilliance from a team of over one hundred  investigative reporters:

“Large amount of cash found in Honey and Barry Sherman’s wallets ruled out a break-in.”

Phew! Thank heaven we got that one of the way. Onward and upward, Canadian media soldiers.

Jonathon Sherman, son:

“My parents deserved to enjoy the fruits of their labour, and spend their twilight years as any grandparent should, with their family. I continue to miss my parents more than I can describe, and I am forever haunted by what happened to them.”

The haunting shall continue indefinitely. As in– indefinitely, if not forever. The burying of the truth regarding the dual assassination of Barry & Honey Sherman continues. PM Justin Trudeau wouldn’t have it any other way.

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