Battle Lines Drawn – Sanctuary Areas Not Just Cities, Anti-American Marxist Strongholds Now Clearly Identified

Constitution Rising – by Rick Wells

The American people have a few dedicated groups on their side in the fight against the illegal immigration invasion, which often appear at the point of attack with valuable information. Committed, pro-American groups such as Numbers USA, ALIPAC, and the Center for Immigration Studies CIS, work diligently to provide the American people with a voice and the resources to fight against the foreign invasion and in defense of our national sovereignty.  

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Towards that goal, CIS has provided an interactive map detailing the locations of sanctuary cities across the United States. A most alarming revelation brought into perspective by the map is the greater threat posed by sanctuary counties and states. While Americans in less leftist-dominated areas might be tempted to adopt an “it’s their sewer, they created it, let them drown in it” type of response to the problem, these are quite large sewers that the Marxists are creating. They are fully capable of drowning all of us if left unchecked.

Counties and states are generally far larger than cities, though not always, and they allow a lot more cover for criminal illegals. To permit them to be identified as “sanctuary cities” effectively minimizes the recognition of the gravity of the threat. The pockets of lawlessness forced upon American citizens by the Marxist forces represent a much larger percentage of American soil than that of merely 200 cities, as bad as that would be.

Clearly immigration law, as the Supreme Court has affirmed, is the domain of the federal government and it is equally clear that these sanctuary policies are obstructing justice in impeding federal efforts, as weak as they may be, at enforcement. One might conclude, based upon their symbiotic, mutually beneficial relationship, that there has been and continues to be collusion at the highest levels of these various local and state governments with the all-too-willing to be obstructed feds.

With every passing day it becomes increasingly evident that the citizens of this nation are at war for our survival. The anti-American network is extensive, pervasive and well financed, by both our mega-wealthy elite antagonists and the subjugated American taxpayers.

It’s a war without a clearly-defined, uniformed enemy. They know who they are, but we don’t know, aside from the obvious political orchestrators, the identity of our enemy. They could be anybody, but through the recent importation of Latinos and the agitation of black Americans, it is clear that the regime is intent on pitting white people against brown people.

In the Civil War the sides were easily distinguished by geography. The current attack on America is much different in that it is being engineered throughout the nation. In a rare bit of good fortune, the map of sanctuary areas may help to draw the battle lines for what may unfortunately evolve into Civil War ll.  Since it details the cities, counties and states in which liberal, un-American policies have been embraced, it is only logical to assume that these are the areas with significant anti-American sentiment and populations. Other urban areas, with their high concentrations of social parasites, will likely be prostitutes for hire to the Marxists regardless of sanctuary policies.

Those who are attempting to create Civil War ll in order to divide and conquer America presently have the upper hand both strategically and tactically. They are fully engaged and most of America is only beginning to awaken to the reality and have yet to mount any significant response. Every effort is being made by patriotic Americans to work within the system in spite of the willingness of our Marxist enemy to circumvent it. The fact that we are law-abiding people is a vulnerability that they are exploiting.

At present we have the advantage in numbers, though they are working feverishly to change that.

The CIS article and interactive map detailed how sanctuary areas provide unlawful immunity for criminal aliens from deportation by “refusing to comply with ICE detainers” or by otherwise allowing government entities to impede “open communication and information exchanges between their employees or officers and federal immigration agents. These state and local jurisdictions have policies, laws, executive orders, or regulations to this effect.” If they can’t talk to ICE they can’t follow regulations.

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4 thoughts on “Battle Lines Drawn – Sanctuary Areas Not Just Cities, Anti-American Marxist Strongholds Now Clearly Identified

  1. Well Linn county OR is on here.
    They are far from a ‘sanctuary’.
    The local sheriff wont pay to detain anyone unless a warrant is issued. They wont file immigration violation charges either though.
    Probably because it cost a ton of ‘money’ and ICE doesnt do anything about it anyways.

  2. I see Clark and Washoe County’s in Nevada are on the list. No wonder we seem to have more Mexicans than Mexico here. Esmeralda County won’t allow it so I’m glad that’s where I will be after September.

  3. I’m surprised Dallas is not on here, but I can definitely see how Austin is a sanctuary city, especially when you have police chief Art Acevedo enforcing things. Also, when you have a Mexican running up the exit ramp on hwy 35 right near the Austin police department and just down the street from the state capitol building who is waving a huge Mexican flag around and shouting how great it is like something out of the movie Braveheart, you know it’s a clear-cut sanctuary city for illegals. San Antonio is even worse.

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