9 thoughts on “Because

  1. My dog’s the same way.

    In fact I kicked him out the other night cause he kept waking me up licking Donald Trumps bawlz.

    All that noisy lip smackin..

    But I have a solution.

    I’m going have Lindsey’s lips permanently grafted on to the President’s asswhole.

  2. Lindsey Graham wonders who paid for Fords 300$ polygraph tests

    Well thats all fine and all , and we should know
    but ..

    we also wonder who paid Kavanaugh’s $200,000 Credit card debt..,$92,000 in country club fees per year, and 1.2 million dollar mortgage ..when he only gets paid $220,000 as a Federal Judge

      1. Exactly!

        So who’s really working for who, ? Right?!

        I’ve about had enough of supporting the likes of ANY of them !.. It’s time WE all get paid!

        ( I know we all get it here, just venting
        My pissed off O meter just been maxed out the past 4 Fcking decades!)waking up early to this shit might not have been a good thing for me

        My first real paycheck was a rude awakening at 15-16 years old and Fked ever since , and I “got it” from that day forward and it’s been nothing but reinforced DAILY!

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