Being a Realist

This is not about alarmism …but about common sense. Only God knows what’s in our future and we only know what He’s revealed to us in His word. What we learn about our surroundings will help us to become better prepared, for whatever comes our way.

Facing the facts, and not ignoring them, is being a REALIST, which is a much better term than being a prepper or survivalist. The video below is designed to make people think. The events occurring now are warning signs of things to come in the days a head.

We know this much, for God’s word tells us this. (Luke 21. 5-38) Whatever happens, may or may not happen this year, or even at all, in our lifetime. But the question remains. What would you do, if and when it does?  

To dismiss this as paranoia is foolish thinking and an automatic decision for failure, as in salvation…to not make a decision for Christ, is to reject Him. To say, I’ll not be afraid for I am secure in my salvation…. This Is Great!

So, if you find yourself in a crisis, and after you pray, then what would you do?

The generic video below will help guide you in some areas one ought to focus upon.

So with Our Lord’s help, and proper planning, you’ll not become a statistic and part of the problem, but instead, you’ll be plugged in as part of the solution. You’ll be a blessing to others, and a place of refuge for your loved ones.

What better way to demonstrate the love of Christ, and witness to others, than in a time of crisis. Crisis is when most come to know Our Lord as their personal Saviour, when they’ve hit rock bottom, for that’s when human selfish pride is no longer a stumbling block on the pathway to truth.

Think About It! Then Pray For Our Lord’s Guidance,

2 Timothy 3.1


One thought on “Being a Realist

  1. There is real power in prayer. That is the reason “they” want the people so distracted. The whole world has been deceived…even the religion of Christianity. One need only to read the BIBLE for oneself to see that what religion teaches is different than what CHRIST taught. I know a lot of “Christians,” however, I do not know of one single person that lives according to the teachings of CHRIST.
    There is REAL POWER in prayer. James 5:16
    Please read the Bible for yourself…start with Matthew if you have a problem understanding the Bible, and ask GOD to give you the wisdom to discern his WORD.

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