Biden Admin Launches Initiative to Train Public How to Spot ‘Radical’ Conservatives and Fight ‘Domestic Terrorism’ by Kyle Becker

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) under the administration of President Joe Biden is set to launch an initiative aimed at addressing the issue of domestic terrorism.

Under this initiative, the DHS intends to provide educational resources, including videos, to help individuals identify potential threats related to domestic terrorism. The focus of these materials will be on promoting awareness and understanding of the signs associated with radicalization.

President Joe Biden recently gave a graduation commencement address at Howard University, a Historical Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) member, in which he claimed that “white supremacy” is the greatest terrorism threat to the United States.

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7 thoughts on “Biden Admin Launches Initiative to Train Public How to Spot ‘Radical’ Conservatives and Fight ‘Domestic Terrorism’ by Kyle Becker

  1. This decade is becoming known as the Snoop Decade, but it will change into The Decade of Uprising.


    1. It’s Bilderberg weekend. Yippee!! And The G-Something is also gathering. There will be great excess and extravagance as they sip and chew and plan our further demise. So formal and proper, they pat each other on the back, assuring each of his or her value and worth, his or her SPECIALNESS, as they join their brains to concoct new deceptions, new infringements, and new atrocities. Never will they highlight real human potential, for it flies in the face of their vision of control, aka enslavement. But human potential is flourishing, exploding, as many, likely most, realize they are free and will now do what it takes to live that freedom.

      Caviar has nothing on rice and beans, and tyranny has nothing on The Bill of Rights.


  2. Last time I checked Biden was white. I guess in his dementia state, he believes he’s African American. Who knows, maybe he was when he joined the Senate 120 years ago. (Not that I care or that race even matters. It’s all a bullsh*t distraction.)

    1. If race didn’t matter they wouldn’t keep using it as one of their most effective stir-the-pots. It DOES matter just like culture matters & natural male or female gender matters & individual sovereignty/freedom matters, etc, etc just not in the way they keep using it.

  3. If there were any kind of Law & Order left in these united States of America this SEDITIOUS TRAITOR & his Family would have been Impeached & or arrested by now. Oh yeah thats right they are following a movie script (no wonder the Holly Wood = casting magic spells script writers are all on strike they cant figure out how this horror show ends ) & the white hats were all placed on paid/bribed standby or vacation until the script writers end the strike & write the ending to this nonsensical Lie they are calling this Illegitimate Gooberment SINdicate Inc that supposedly represents We The People.

  4. JET CHEMMED Assholes Aluminium skies. spike protiens, fentanyl crises … dont ride a bus downtown DEATH BUS Sickness!!! there is no fckg covid… just a prepared sickness for us all!! TRYING TO STAY AFOOT KILLS!! THIS IS SERIOUS SHT GOING DOWN MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY cant even hardly spell correctly anymore vision going to sht!!! And then lose your baby, love you guys Ken.

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