Bilderberg Perry, Bilderberg Obama, and the Bilderberg Gallup Poll

Well it would seem the Bilderbergers have handed down their orders.  This is when we see the phony left and the phony right coming together in cause.  Both have, through their propaganda machine, done everything in their power in trying to build the illusion that Ron Paul just cannot get elected.  Now they are working frantically to put the final pieces in place for the 2012 Rick Perry versus Barack Obama election.

There is just one problem.  No one is buying into it, not even to the smallest degree.  Both the phony left CNN and the phony right FOX are broadcasting the phony results of the phony GOP Gallup Poll ad nauseum.

Let’s take a look at the GOP Gallup Poll.  Who finances this so called unbiased public opinion poll?  That would be CNN and USA Today.  So in essence they are a part of the corporate owned propaganda machine.  I guess this is their final desperate act in trying to create an illusion after being found out for the treasonous, money serving lapdogs they are.

Considering what is on the line in the 2012 election, is there anyone that believes that this corporate owned opinion poll is not as fraudulent and corrupted as the mainstream media itself?

Just for fun let’s take a look at the GOP poll.  We have Rick Perry with 29%, Mitt Romney with 17%, Ron Paul with 13%, Michele Bachmann with 10%, Cain and Gingrich each with 4%, Rick Santorum has 3%, Jon Huntsman has 1%, Tim Pawlenty has none, 2% for other, and 17% for no preference.

Now I tried to get the number of registered voters in the United States for each party.  And in spite of the hundreds of millions of dollars we spend each year to keep records in this country; those numbers are only available up to 2008.  Why?  Because Democrats were at 47% when they were duped into voting in Barry Soetoro.  And if they showed the current numbers in any current poll, that poll would be irrelevant because Independents now outnumber both parties.

The fact is if every Democrat went out and voted a straight Democratic ticket, and every Republican voted a strait Republican ticket, they would cancel each other out at about 30%.  It will be the 40% that make up the Independent, non-partisan, and all other non demoretarted and non republistupid voters who are going to decide the 2012 election.

You will not see Independents polled in reference to who they would vote for in the GOP.  That is because the powers that be cannot have any poll of Independents until Barack Obama and Rick Perry are confirmed as the two candidates for president.  Because if they did, it would be clearly shown that Ron Paul cannot be stopped by any other candidate in a national election and that includes Paul running as an Independent.

It would go like this.  29% of Republican voters represent neo-cons who will vote for Rick Perry.  26% of the Democratic voters representing Fabian socialism will vote for Barack Obama.  This leaves 83.5% who will vote Ron Paul into the White House in a landslide.  This is not an if, this is an absolute, and they know it.

In fact if all the neo-cons and all of the Fabian socialists got together and put all their votes toward either Rick Perry or Barack Obama, Ron Paul still wins by a landslide.  The only way they can stop Ron Paul is to kill him.

Rick Perry is an elitist neo-con Bilderberger who supports the invasion by the illegals, minimum wage jobs, and foreign wars.  Rick Perry is not going to get more than 8.7% of the voting population to fall for his lying bullshit.

Barack Obama is an elitist Fabian socialist Bilderberger who supports the invasion by the illegals, destruction of earning wage jobs in the US, and foreign war.  Barack Obama is not going to get more than 7.8% of the voting population to fall for his lying bullshit again.

Neither one of these corporate lapdogs has an argument that they can present in opposition to Ron Paul, because the only argument that could be put forth would have to be in direct opposition to the Constitution of the Untied States of America, our founding document, our freedom and liberty, and our rights.

As one propaganda blitz after another orchestrated against Dr. Paul fails, it will be interesting to see just how far the Bilerbergers will be willing to go.  I do not believe that a war with Iran out of nowhere is in any way out of the question.  And all possible false flag events have to be considered as on the table at this point.  If they dare, we must stop them in their tracks, if it takes every one of us walking out our doors, even if we are clear on the other side of the country, and heading towards Washington DC.

We must do it and in reality this is all it would take.  Think about it.  As every inch of Washington DC is occupied while more of us are stacking up in the surrounded states, I guarantee you they would flee this country even before the first stone was cast.  These people are not that stupid and they know exactly what the numbers are.

They are going to say Rick Perry and Barack Obama all the way.  And when Ron Paul is elected they are going to try to nullify that election saying, “No, no, this is wrong.  Look at the polls leading up to the election.  There has been a mistake.”  And that is when we are going to say, “Yeah, the mistake was yours when you came to the erroneous conclusion that you could rule the American people of the American race through fraudulent opinion polls.”

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. I have been saying for some time now that the American people are fully behind Ron Paul. It was appalling when Michele Bachmann won the Ames Straw Poll, yet anyone can easily see the truth when you look at how she gave out over 6000 tickets (worth $180,000 at $30 each), yet she received only 4800 votes. If these neocon and socialist scumbags think they are going to put another one of their puppets in the White House, they have another think coming! I have no doubt that they will try everything in their power to ensure Ron Paul doesn’t get the Republican nomination, let alone let him be elected President. I’m sure they are counting on the Electoral College to be the ace up their sleeve, but believe me when I say, if Ron Paul is not elected, you can count on riots, civil unrest, and a revolutionary war that will make the first one we had seem tame.

  2. They’re ramming Rick Perry down our throats. He talks like Ron Paul at times , saying how certain things are unconstitutional and treasonous, taking cues from Dr. Paul, playing all kinds of games.

  3. Thanks so much for your article. I have been suspecting for some time that … these polls make no sense. I don’t think the GOP is so stupid as to support those with as much negative baggage as Perry and now Gingrich (which makes even less sense) unless they are programming themselves to lose again.

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