Bill O'Reilly: Ron Paul Will Not Win One Primary

Back in February, the sleazy treasonous Bill O’Reilly was doing his part as a cog in the mainstream propaganda machine to create a false reality wherein Ron Paul was not a serious presidential candidate.

So I wonder, do you think he will have John Stossel on his show and admit that he was so grossly wrong as to be laughable? Do you think he’ll give the money to the charity?

Well we are waiting, Bill. The Iowa Caucus is in 14 days. You try to portray yourself as a big tough man. Wonder if you are big enough to admit you have made a fool of yourself through your arrogance?

0 thoughts on “Bill O'Reilly: Ron Paul Will Not Win One Primary

    1. Bill O’Reilly is a piece of garbage, everything that spews from his mouth is lies. That’s the nicest way I can put it.

  1. The majority of these cable talking heads and pundits really do not want anything to change at the core because it feeds their lifestyle…and they want the status quo to continue on without disruption be it right or left. As Ron Pauls continues to gather support, the more they will feel threatened. This is actually a good sign for those of us who desire differently, who want an end to the same old song and dance dog and pony show. Most cable heads, with the exception of a very few, do not want anything to change. Certainly not the type of change that Ron Paul could potentially bring about. It could in all actuality kill their good time, or a large part of it. Fear sells. They want that show. They need that show. They want that war. They need that war. They would love to have another boogie man for the public to fear, and the government usually creates one to feed the money machine. Maybe this time we can begin to become different from what we have become, and return to the principals of what we once were.

  2. Very well put,Dave. O’Reilly is the epitomy of what is wrong with shows like Fox News. He is an arrogant know-it-all who has nothing to be arrogant about, and doesn’t know shit.

  3. But Clark…Mr. O’Wiley is a edukated guy…rite? I mean…geez…hees got degrees an stuff like that an all…an hees on tv too an …all those buuks he rote an stuff…we r jus dum guys…ya no? I meen…rite?

  4. ive made my comments on bill oreilly before the guy is a complete moron i dont mean do go off the subject.i want to thank henry clark angel and brian last time i was on here i was at the worst low i had ever been. i looked at my messages to you guys and i was ashamed of myself i was trying to reach out to somebody and i want to thank all of you for responding to me my brother came through for me got a room and is going to keep me busy so i can pay my rent things were so bad i started popping pills valiums percosets i had literally gave up it untill last saturday night when i had couple of mta punk cops trying to rough me up at the train station just like the one’s in new york and denver little piss ants with a badge im at the moment getting a lawyer to get them fired they made acusations that they threw me out before when it was the first time ever there. missed my bus back to town asked the cop inside would be ok if i sat there untill the morning he said no problem than five minutes later these two f–kin little punk mta cops started harassing me calling me a lier saying they threw out the night before which was untrue they were looking to bully me and i fought back untill they broke there little tazers and i ran out of there but this the country just what i have seen on occupy denver the other night just disgusting how these human rats can treat a fellow human being going homeless and seeing both sides of the track i will never forget the horror movie i was living in and like i want to thank all of you guys again i back in the fight im not going away let’s get this country back and stop taking there shit

    1. Right on, Brian! Glad you’re still swingin’. I knew there was no way to cheer you up. Somehow I also knew you’d hang on. When we feel that low words are useless…been there and I know what it is to run out of G.A.S. (Give A S***) That’s when you just check out or you try to get that back. Billy Holiday did a great song: “Ain’t Nobody’s Business But My own”.

      Hang in there dude….we all die anyway no matter what. Live the moment and learn to push back fear and anger as much as possible….especially anger…it leads nowhere… a bird’s eye view and thank God for your brother!

      Ok…I’m done now…enough crap from the old man here.

      1. Hey Brian thanks for your words were right on i needed it put that way i was feeling sorry for myself im straight now i was popping pills for a month to deal with the shit i went throught severe withdrawall from it nightmares everything and im dealing things the right way the truth is if wasn’t for this site i wouldn’t be hear thanks again my friend and you to angel it would be nice to actually meet you guys someday.i wish all of you a merry christmas and hope the new year is going to get better your friend Brian Sargeant

        1. Glad to hear you say all that. I have learned that whether or not to continue is a decision we each make and the best thing I’ve ever gotten when I felt I just couldn’t take it anymore was to be gently nudged to the very edge of the abyss. Like…”OK…so watchya gonna do now?” After all..its MY jump. Flowery words? Useless at that point.

          It’s all about courage…think “Braveheart”. Merry Christmas young fella! Try to become an “old fella”…it’s worth it…trust me on that one….and “Don’t let the bastards get you down!”

          1. Hey, brian sgt. I knew you weren’t going anywhere, you were just having one of those low, low, low, points in your life, and needed a little friendly emotional jump start from your compadres. I’m glad your bro’s helping you out ! I guess I’ve taken your place, shelter-wise. Things got so bad that I sent my son to go live with his Mother, and I’ve been at the Salvation Army shelter since the beginning of Dec. I’m trying not to let it get me down, but you were right, it royally fucking sucks ! All I know is, that when the revolution starts, and it’s only a matter of time, I wanna be the guy that gets to tie the bottle of BBQ sauce around these asshole’s necks, before I drop kick ’em onto the deportation barge. Ron Paul in 2012, or if that don’t work, Lock ‘n Load !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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