Billy Calls Deputies Bluff

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In this scene from ‘Billy Jack’, Billy arrives after Deputy Mike and Posner have kidnapped Martin. Cindy (the girl in this scene) helped Martin escape. Improvising, Deputy Mike puts a gun to Cindy’s head, and Billy comes back with one of the best responses ever to this standoff situation.

6 thoughts on “Billy Calls Deputies Bluff

  1. you know what Steve, terrific….I was a youth before this….time period………’s messages, it’s conflicts, it’s solutions…remain relevant today……..
    thats what I found about the post Henry did of mine and that’s also the message I find that henry within….your posting…has done….
    Ask him to post it up front…probably he will…

    1. Hey Rbeason,
      I am slo to grasp what you mean,dont ever forget Im the slow guy on this site so please explain the meaning of your post,(as in “post it up front” makes no sense to me)

      1. Steve…….gracious sakes,
        In my entire of being here, on this site, my persona is equal to yours if the((your) first time is right now……
        or anyone else’s is for that matter…email Henry and ask that something (this) be posted…His creation of this site and management of it is….as he himself has said, is determined by the people who write here…comments and asked postings….
        my, My….I believe, he would say to you….Welcome

        1. I want to add this…and yes it’s a bit emotional
          on my part.
          Henry is one of the most decent people one is to come across on this our internet….
          He will be one of the first to tell…you to
          `this is not the usual internet site to where, in a practical manner, one can not speak….

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