Black Friday – America Sold Out at a Discount

It is Black Friday and reports say the goyim have shown up in mass to support their own destruction.  It is a tradition, don’t you know.  Just how twisted has our reality become when the merchants can turn the Christmas holiday into a one month sale that begins before the turkey in our stomachs has even had a chance to digest?

The people of America have become pathetic in their adherence to trend.  If you put a platter of dog shit at every shopping mall and the mainstream propagandists ran a two week campaign, asserting that whoever showed up to eat a spoonful would get a 30% discount on every item in the store, there would be a mad dash to see who could get there first.  Hell, people would be camping on the sidewalks for a week before the event to make sure they got their spoonful.

The propagandists are even using the results of their propaganda to create further propaganda.  I saw one couple being interviewed in a store with the man saying that they were shopping because the economy had picked up and resources were abundant.  I wonder if they got a discount for their statement.

Too many of the people in this country have become completely pathetic in their mad dash to beat the illegals to the purchase of the Chinese goods.

Meanwhile, new jobless claims are over 400,000 for the second week running.  100 million are either unemployed or underemployed, 55 million are living in deep poverty, and we are being told that we have changed our system of government to one of European style socialism.

Some among the patriot movement are still trying to defend the stupidity, saying that those still trapped in the Matrix just haven’t been exposed to the red pill yet.  This just isn’t so.  The fact is they had the red pill in their mouth but spit it out in their mad dash to scarf down their spoonful of dog shit for their 30% discount.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

18 thoughts on “Black Friday – America Sold Out at a Discount

  1. Now why is it I’m a misanthropic isolationist? Why is it I don’t want to come out of my cave unless I absolutely have to, and why don’t I fear nuclear war, again?


  2. kinda the same here…..we don’t and haven’t engaged in this bullshit in several years…….but hey,…if my local gun store did an ammo blow out (pun intended)……i could be tempted 🙂

  3. Our population is constantly categorized by gender, race, sexual orientation and political views, by why is no attempt ever made to identify those among us who aren’t very skilled at thinking?

    If everyone with an I.Q. lower than 90 had a red circle tattooed on their forehead, I think we’d have a better understanding of why they flock to Walmart on black Friday.

    1. Better yet, we should value those who also have more love and compassion. Someone can have a high IQ and still be a heartless psycopath. A high IQ combined with love and compassion is the best combination.

  4. My Fellow Americans:

    I could not agree with Mr. Shivelys contentions more greatly!

    If you had a MOUNTAIN of sh*t,… dog, horse, human or otherwise,… people would FIGHT to get one of the few spoons so they could take their mouthful of it to get a 30% discount on the 3C*-Merchandise that has flooded this country like a veneral disease thru an Asian country.

    *Note: 3C = Cheap Chinese Crap

    It is symptomatic of the pyschosis that has infected the minds of the average American, and a tribute to the skillful use of Brynasian Conditioning Techniques, studied and codified by the CIA under the MK-Ultra Program among other psychological manipulation methods, that have been employed against us since the 50’s.

    This is a clear indication that the NWO Leadership is winning the propaganda war,… and have been doing so for some 10+ decades (their efforts actually started well before the nascent event of December 23, 1913, that in fact should be made into a National-Holiday).

    Even though it is recognized as the day Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act into law, thereby committing treason and gave this country over to a bunch of liars, thieves, and pyschotic low lifes, aka,… Bankers,…. when we restore the Republic and abolish the Federal Reserve,.. we will make December 23rd a holiday to remember,… to NEVER let this happen again,.. we will call it,.. “National Traitor Day – Never Forget”

    We will use that day to publicly announce all the traitors that have tried to subvert this country again,…. and to seek the Death Penalty against them. (Since it is so close to Christmas,.. we will pray for them that Jesus will give them mercy AFTER we have hung them…)

    Give NO-Quarter to traitors.

    JD – US Marines – Disgusted with Americas willingness to “eat shit” also.

  5. The first mistake would be to think of these people as Americans. I don’t consider these Late Comers to be Americans.

    Maybe they need some test to prove you have the real american spirit. Like knowing something about the constitution for one and two by dropping you off in the deep woods with a gun and a knife, and if you survive a week you qualify to be an entry level american.

  6. Nov. 22, 1963 – America SOLD OUT AT A DISCOUNT!

    LBJ becomes President, not with ballots, but with bullets. And, to add insult to injury, we’ve been living under the SAME REGIME, ever since!

    Look, the CIA (Military-Industrial-Security complex) was behind the JFK Assassination. LBJ, (Clint Murchison, Billy Sol Estes, and Mac Wallace) were at the CENTER of it all. It really doesn’t matter WHO fired the fatal shots. It certainly WAS NOT, Lee Harvey Oswald. If you wish to truly understand who killed JFK, you simply need to find the best sources of information on the subject, and EDUCATE YOURSELF! View, and re-view the following two videos as often as you need to – MAKE THE INFORMATION YOUR OWN. OWN IT! Eventually, you’ll completely understand who was behind the JFK Assassination, and why. It DOES NOT TAKE A DEGREE IN ROCKET SCIENCE TO FIGURE IT OUT!

    The Men Who Killed Kennedy “The Smoking Guns” Complete Episode 7

    The Men Who Killed Kennedy – Part 9 – The Guilty Men (2003)

    Did you know, that LBJ would have gone to PRISON, for the murders of 8 people in Texas (including LBJ’s own SISTER!), at the hand of Mac Wallace, LBJ’s hired hit-man, had LBJ NOT become President? LBJ wanted DESPERATELY to become President. (Just like Tricky Dick Nixon, who was at Clint Murchison’s house, the night before the Assassination, along with many, many other colorful characters, such as J. Edgar Hoover, and Jack Ruby). TPTB (The Powers That Be) knew that JFK and RFK were trying to get LBJ OFF the ’64 ticket! In order for TPTB to reverse all of JFK’s actions as President (such as Executive Order 11110) – LBJ would HAVE TO BECOME PRESIDENT. The choice was clear – the deed would be done in Dallas. LBJ suggested the Dallas venue. JFK unwittingly agreed. Jack Ruby owed a favor to Carlos Marcello. That’s why he was the one who took out the patsy: Oswald.

    FIVE important books on the subject:

    1) Blood, Money & Power, by Barr McClellan
    2) Mary’s Mosaic: Mary Pinchot Meyer & John F. Kennedy and their Vision for World Peace, by Peter Janney
    3) JFK: The CIA, Vietnam, and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy, L. Fletcher Prouty
    4) Coup d’Etat in America: The CIA and the Assassination of John F. Kennedy, by Alan J. Weberman and Michael Canfield
    5) Last Word: My Indictment of the CIA in the Murder of JFK, by Mark Lane

  7. Oh, and let’s not forget about Bobby Kennedy, JFK’s younger, tenacious brother, Attorney General, over at the Justice Dept., who was going after the Mafia. Do you REALLY believe, for one second, that RFK was killed by Sirhan Sirhan? Look, LBJ was still President. Do you honestly think, that the people who killed JFK, were going to allow his brother, RFK, to become President, and expose the whole lot of them?

    Sure, Sirhan had a gun in his hand. But, here’s a FACT: NOT ONE of his shots hit RFK. So, who’s shots did?

    There definitely was another shooter: RFK assassination witness says FBI covered up fact there was a SECOND gunman [His name was Thane Eugene Cesar, and he worked for Lockheed Martin, and lives in the Phillipines, now]
    Read more:

    RFK: An Open And Shut Case – Robert Joling 1 of 3
    RFK: An Open And Shut Case – Robert Joling 2 of 3
    RFK: An Open And Shut Case – Robert Joling 3 of 3

  8. These fools rioting are beyond saving. Why would you want to save these people… seems like their herd mentality is permanent. Let the sheep go to their slaughter, we don’t need them. We have the numbers to accomplish our goal and we should focus more on our groups and goals, besides most of them will tear each other to shreds when the food runs out… So I am not to worried. Then again I dont live in the cities.

  9. I do not blame the people for wanting more material things at low prices. They are victims of a government that allows money to be held in artificially short supply (and created at interest.) At the same time, the people are encouraged to desire products they cannot afford. The products they CAN afford are cheap knockoffs that will not last.

    Every dollar in circulation has at least two dollars in debt (accumulating interest) behind it. It is this ratio that causes the maddening crowds. What passes for money is actually scrip printed for the profit of a small clique of psychopaths.

    Every single day, Congress could overturn the FED and the IRS.

    Stupidity is not our problem. We have a great number of very intelligent people willing to rake their neighbors over the coals for a little more to eat. Greed doesn’t care what your IQ is.

    While the people believe that interest is in their best interest, horror will prevail. This is not how money should work. Search for PfMPE.

    1. Good song there BentSpear. That was the first thing I thought of when I read your comment and then I saw your link. Yep real good song there. Brings back good memories!! Thanks Yes sir thanks man. Those days were realy honest and good. wish they were back again.

  10. “Some among the patriot movement are still trying to defend the stupidity, saying that those still trapped in the Matrix just haven’t been exposed to the red pill yet.”

    Sadly enough, given a choice, the majority would still most likely opt for the blue pill.

    The harsh reality of living outside the matrix is far too brutal for the delicate constitutions of most of these wimpy sheeple, from what I’ve experienced.

  11. LOL. YOU must have the best iPad, the best video game console, the best car speaker system, the most expensive clothes, the 40+ pairs of shoes you will never wear, the biggest import car, because you are all such slaves to advertising. You are conditioned to believe your money will make you happy! Time to push yourselves further in debt and spend countless years trying to pay it off with the pathetic minimum wage jobs and social assistance while the compound interest builds… and builds… and builds… Does it ever occur to you that everyone else BUT you is the winner in all this?! The corporations are happy because they get their money. The credit agencies are thrilled because they are also making money off your purchases. That leaves poor you, the loser with the junk that will never make you truly happy and forcing you to struggle with how to pay it off.

    All nonsense aside for a moment, I truly appreciate this article as I believe it describes well the new mentality of those south of my border. It’s no longer about community and working together to be prosperous. It’s now about “ME ME ME” and how much junk can they rake up. Many of today’s people have fallen victim to this new idealism and are simply a lost cause. 🙁

    That is how I see things…

  12. “I saw one couple being interviewed in a store with the man saying that they were shopping because the economy had picked up and resources were abundant. I wonder if they got a discount for their statement.”

    HAHAHAAHAHA!!!! This statement is priceless, Henry. One of the reasons why I always enjoy reading your articles is because of your sarcastic punchlines like this one. Good stuff.

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