BLM rioters smash the windows of HOMES in Milwaukee suburb

Daily Mail

Black Lives Matter supporters have attacked homes in a Milwaukee suburb, smashing windows on a quiet residential street after a black cop was cleared in the shooting death of an armed black teenager.

The violence followed a district attorney’s decision on Wednesday that police officer Joseph Mensah was justified when he shot Alvin Cole on February 2, after the 17-year-old fired a stolen handgun outside Mayfair Mall in Wauwatosa.

After nightfall on Wednesday, demonstrators smashed out storefront windows in Wauwatosa before marching down a residential street and hurling large rocks through the windows of homes, according police.

The mayhem was caught on camera by by Julio Rosas, a reporter for the conservative publication Townhall, who said that some of the people in the crowd attempted to stop others from attacking the homes. Police confirmed using tear gas to disperse some of the protesters.

Cole was the third person Mensah has fatally shot since becoming an officer, and his death has sparked periodic protests in Wauwatosa and the Milwaukee area.

Gov. Tony Evers announced earlier Wednesday that he had activated National Guard members as a precaution, though he didn’t say how many or how they were being used. Guard spokesman Maj. Joe Trovato later said ‘hundreds’ of troops were at the ready.

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2 thoughts on “BLM rioters smash the windows of HOMES in Milwaukee suburb

  1. attacked homes you say? Boy oh f-king boy, I could swear we were told this was coming…and only getting worse. Imagine that, they don’t care that the 17yr old shot first and posed a threat or any facts of the case. They just wanna run amok and chant mindlessly. And while they’re allowed to do this, religious people are banned from worship, people are extorted if they refuse to wear a piece of cloth on their face,people who stand against this tyranny are isolated picked off or arrested and the entire commie government laughs their ass off at us because they know theyre gonna get exactly what they want.

  2. I just love how the police and national guard protected city hall but left the small businesses and private homes to fend for themselves. Then, if the people have the audacity to defend thenselves, the police arrest them and leave the criminals roaming free to commit more violence and destruction. Your tax dollars at work.

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