Blooded the Brave – Banksters

Published on Apr 8, 2013 by BloodedtheBrave

“BANKSTERS” {Free Download Link}…

Dedicated to the un-elected, self appointed rulers of this world who are creating havoc through their control & manipulation of “Fiat” currency.

This Free Promo was created In hopes of uniting the people, in a world of division, by addressing the one thing we are all work so hard for, money.

The “Banksters” of this world work for and with financial institutions to create the very problem that enables them to use their own solution.

Like a savior, they have bailed many countries out, but borrowing money from an aggressive crook never ends well. Once they have loaned you the money, its over. They make and enforce the rules and your lucky to escape alive if not in debt, living a life of poverty.
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