Blue skies??

Here are a two pics I took Saturday in the North side of the Lowes in Carson City Nevada. For contrast, I included one from the next day, from the South side of the same parking lot, of what the sky should look like.  

imageZoom shot:


The following day, same parking lot:


7 thoughts on “Blue skies??

  1. We actually had a “third picture” day here in Central Indiana. Most rare, we have had almost 6 days of chemtrail-free skies in the last 5 weeks. Makes me wonder where they are sending the planes instead of here….

  2. Are we sick of this or what? I can hardly contemplate that there are pilots willing to do this to their fellow humans. There are so many pictures on this website alone to document this criminal element. They will pay one day, sooner not later. We all suffer various effects from the crap that is being sprayed on us. I for one am sick of it (literally). It stops when we stop it. How? I don’t know. But it will be. God willing. This can’t keep going on. Everything is effected. Did anyone else notice this season brought no apples, peaches, cherries, etc.? We got nothing this year. The deer are roaming, looking for food, and there is nothing for them. Around here, apples are their livelihood. 🙁 If there deer cant find food, what happens to them. Sigh. If this keeps up, we can’t be far behind. I know… That’s the plan.

  3. They are even putting these streaks into cartoons….like it’s some natural occurrence in the sky. NO ONE discusses this in the mainstream news or in the political arena. WHY???

    1. They want the next generations to think it IS a natural occurrence. Check out the NASA for kids site. They teach the kids to think those streaks have always been there. MONEY and POWER are the WHY.

  4. Pilots who engage in this activity, for a paycheck, are sub-human scum. Patriots in the Youngstown, Ohio and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania areas, should do a little scouting and information gathering on how those areas play into this aerial spraying activity.

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