Bob Hoover Aerial Suite and Barrel Roll

Aerobatic routine by Air Show Pilot Bob Hoover

Pilot Bob Hoover performs a 1G roll while pouring a glass of tea. No video shenanigan’s; it’s all for real!

5 thoughts on “Bob Hoover Aerial Suite and Barrel Roll

  1. This guy is my hero, watching him is what gave me the initiative to learn to fly. Really an awesome pilot, don’t make them like this anymore.

    He shuts his engines down, then does barrel rolls, then starts them back up like he’s doing it in his sleep.

    Shuts both of them down at times, not just one.

  2. I watched Mr.Hoover fly his Shrike Commander at an air show years ago….it was both amazing and terrifying at the same time. Doing acrobatics in a plane that isn’t supposed to be able to do those things takes a special person with once in a generation skills. When Bob died, the aviation world became a less amazing place.

    1. He modified that commander big time, heavy duty wing struts, fuel modifications, I mean this cat did 16 point rolls like he was brushing his teeth. Did 8 point rolls engines shut down, and he was talking to you all the way thru it.

      Airspeed is everything, he was nose down all the time trying to keep that airspeed up while he was shut down. COOL AS A CUCUMBER!

      290 horsepower per side turbo charged lycomings straight 6s. Damned fine airplane. Beautiful to look at in the air and on the ground.

      I really like that Beechcraft Duke as well, damn good looking airplane as well.

      1. Yup…airframe wasn’t stock for sure. Engines are flat 6’s…like a Porsche. My Brother in law owns a Commander…spent plenty of time in his….great aircraft. Hoover was the best!

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