9 thoughts on “Ut-oh, look what Amazon is selling

  1. The rumor I learned 6 months ago was Michelle with JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon ticket in 2020 ..I will again remind the truth about EBT cards…..JP Morgan runs the clearance for transactions….$ 80 billion annually – monopoly..it will never go away.

  2. Consent, by voting for either traitor that is served up on a platter to the masses, is still an act of treason against the Bill of Rights. Deprive them of your vote consent and you deprive them of just powers derived from the consent of the people.

  3. I’m gonna give this to my “conservative”friend” for crimmas, since he believes in his ” right to vote”……. LMAO!!!!!

  4. It should be very clear to everyone, it is the communist who have the money and control the world. It is their will that will be done, they have us in the slow to boil water…

  5. lets hope the only Mooshelle shirt we see in the near future is an orange jumpsuit

    wouldnt it be funny if they printed up all this swag , and the Netflix deal and all ..just to watch it all go up in smoke as they lead this treasonous bunch to the gallows

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