Boston Bombing and the Mainstream Cover-Up

We have received and continue to receive the official story in reference to the Boston Bombing, yet the question remains, “What is the truth?” and the answer is we are not going to be told the truth because all of the news organizations with the resources that could conceivably force answers to key questions will not ask those questions, leaving the appearance that the powers that control the mainstream propaganda machine are involved in the bombing.

Here are some key questions that would be asked if we had a real mainstream news media. Why were the pictures of the backpack laden team removed from Facebook?  Why is the mainstream demonizing the two suspects, rather than objectively investigating?  To say there are two sides to this story in the mainstream would be a ludicrous assertion.   

This bombing occurred on the same day that a 600 page report on US involvement in torture was released, which clearly states that US officials and those following their orders committed both national and international crimes – again, no coverage from the mainstream.

Instead we have Fox News’ Tucker Carlson saying that anyone who would believe that the US government orchestrated 9/11 hates this country and must be mentally ill.  This is clearly not objective reporting, as the mainstream has just recently admitted that one third of the US population believes 9/11 was a government false flag, designed to strip us of our freedoms and liberties.

I think a more important assertion should be that this is a cover up for criminal torture and an attempt to somehow ex post facto justify these crimes and lay the framework for further treachery through the torture of American citizens.

The accused American, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, is supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, yet has not been read his rights or allowed legal counsel.  This insurgent government is trying to set a precedent wherein they have enacted Sections 1021 and 1022 of the National Defense Authorization Act 2012, as Mr. Tsarnaev, an American citizen, is being held incognito, apparently indefinitely, while the traitors Lindsey Graham, John McCain, and company openly call for him to be taken to Guantanamo Bay to be tortured.

By the way, that 600 page report concludes that previous torture procured little or no useable information.

The Boston Bombing was and is a false flag specifically orchestrated to establish a precedent that says American citizens can be arrested by the military, held indefinitely, and tortured at the whim of the soviet socialist regime that has taken over our highest political offices.

The 600 page report that the American taxpayers paid for should have been sent to the International Court in the Haig so that the government terrorists could be arrested and prosecuted for their blatant crimes against humanity.  Instead, these very same people are now laying the groundwork to commit these same heinous acts upon Americans who would dare challenge their draconian treacherous regime.

A group of people in Boston cheered this bullshit out of what can only be called blatant stupidity or some kind of warped attraction to martial law.  May they or someone they love be the first to be tortured and/or killed by these Bolsheviks they hold in such high esteem.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

2 thoughts on “Boston Bombing and the Mainstream Cover-Up

  1. The PTB has been let to get away with what they have been doing for so long that they think that they are omnipotent. they actualy think that what they are doing is acceptable because they see people waving their flags and cheering USA USA like they did when they arrested that 2nd bombing suspect – those are the ones that are quick to blame those that are not even found guilty without trial, and they profess to be true blue americans – those that are cheering USA USA and waving theirflags are the big part of our countries prob.s – they are traitors just like the PTB are and no less, they are convicted the guy before he even is found guilty, if he even is guilty. Our country is sick being run the way it is and the people are even sicker for letting this crap go on for so long. Our counry has been going down the crapper since 1911 or `12 when they started up the federal reserve. The worst part of it all is that it has only just begun to start and to show the effects of what has already has been done. Yep, when all hell breaks loose there will be a blood bath that our country hasn`t seen in years.

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