Boston: Clothing Change Caught On Camera?

Before It’s News – by Wrath Of Anonymous

When did they find time to do a clothing change for this ‘victim’ in the Boston Marathon bombing? It must have taken some serious effort to get this young man into a new shirt after he had his legs blown off. One would only have minutes to live before they bleed out after a horrific injury such as this, how could they have been able, while the guy is nearly bleeding to death, to do a clothing change?  

This guy is still not in an ambulance yet. Something isn’t right here. Look at the video at the bottom at the 9:14 mark, it’s the same guy being wheeled out by the cowboy hero guy and look, they stopped the filming and brought up the blue screen for some reason. Everyone on the internet thinks they stopped it because his fake leg bone fell off! We guess they did a different ‘set’ for Fox News Latino compared to other MSM in America. A large number of leaked pictures of Boston yet unseen by the internet will soon be available for release here.

10 thoughts on “Boston: Clothing Change Caught On Camera?

  1. Ya … Nick looks like he’s in real pain huh? With and “injury” like that he should be unconscious, layed out on a stretcher with an IV drip and blood squirting all over from the artery. Pffffffffffffff!!

    Come on Nick! You’re not doing America any favors buddy!!

    . . .

  2. I suppose the clothing change was so he could look smart for his tour of Boston, before heading for the ambulance.

  3. I hope that Cathleen reads this post. It will help her discern the difference between biased presumption, and “PROOF” of fraud. Excellent catch #1!

  4. If I had both my “legs blown off” as much as lil’ dirtbag slimeball traitor nicky “did”, and therefore I knew I would die in120 seconds form femoral bleeding, because no one has plasma hooked up to me, and my doctor is a guy wearing straw cowboy hat from walgreens, and they are not putting into an ambulance, but instead giving wheelchair rides for photo ops, the one thing I would want at that moment is a partial wardrobe change.

    This makes complete “cia-sense.”

    Then I would ask the head communist in Boston to please, as my dying wish:

    1. lockdown the metro area of 4,000,000

    2. fire up a few MRAP’s

    3. Invade as many homes as you can.

    4. Show of your weapons collection for TV.

    5. Hook me up to my new identity ASAP.

    6. Pay me in cash, no checks.

    Only a MORON would believe these hoaxes, even if they are not awake, only a moron.

  5. I absolutely believe this was a staged false flag. I believe at least some of the “injuried” were actors and their injuries were faked. I am unsure at this point if their were actual injuries and deaths. With that said… I do not believe the pictures above are the same person. While they look very close. I see some differences. The biggest being his facial hair. Also, while very close the hair is textured differently. Besides we have seen plenty of pictures of legless guy rolling around on the side walk, (magically keeping is blood in his body) wearing the same shirt as the staged pictures. Why would they change his clothes? They needed to make his injury look more real. The lack of blood on this man alone should be enough to make anyone skeptical of this event.

  6. Does this make sense? There is a Bauman, and there is a Vogt, they look remarkably alike, especially with ash spread all over their faces, wouldn’t they both be in the scene? God knows they would need as many people as they could get, why leave Bauman out? It works to add confusion as well. I believe that is him in the middle of the scene.
    Where Vogts chickenleg is clearly scene. Who is THAT guy below because he looks just like Bauman too.

  7. With all of the evidence available on the internet to dissect these false flag events to the point that the ‘official’ so-called ‘government’s’ version sustains zero credibility, I honestly don’t know whether to laugh or cry at the stupidity of the majority of the population of this country.

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