MSNBC Forced to Apologize After Taking Quotes Out of Context for Gun Control Segment

MSNBCPat Dollard

Excerpted from THE BLAZE

MSNBC host Thomas Roberts on Friday aired a portion of Vice President Joe Biden’s speech given at a plaque dedication remembering the Americans lost in the Benghazi terror attack and falsely claimed he was mourning “children as the victims of gun violence.” Roberts was discussing Biden’s reported plans to make a second push for gun control after losing in the first round.  


In the selectively edited clip of Biden’s remarks, the vice president was talking about the serious risks that State Department employees and their families face as part of their service. “No child should predecease their parents. And I wish I could tell you we aren’t going to add anymore names with this wall…but the truth of the matter is, there will be more.” Biden said.

After playing the video, Roberts falsely claimed that the vice president was talking about the children of gun violence before announcing his renewed push for background checks.

Now compare that with the unedited video of Biden’s comments provided by National Review Online:

Later on Friday, “The Cycle” co-host Touré issued an apology on behalf of MSNBC, calling the out-of-context video a “producer error.” He also said that the network regrets the mistake, according to NRO.

This isn’t the first time MSNBC has been caught either deceptively or selectively editing video clips — far from it:

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